Adorable Toddler Is Fully Immersed In Gospel Song, Mom Can’t Seem To Get Her Attention

We all have a certain kind of music that resonates with us. Can you guess what this little munchkin loses herself to? A gospel song, no less!

When you listen to your kind of music, the stresses of your day tend to fade away. Plus, there’s always that perfect tune for every occasion. Going through a breakup? Taylor Swift will always have a song for you. Need to get the party started? Crank up the volume and play some Bruno Mars. Looking for some old school rock and roll? Break out some Led Zeppelin or Queen.

Music transcends all ages too. In fact, we start relating to it at a very young age. Besides nursery rhymes, babies and toddlers enjoy listening to upbeat pop songs. Music is amazing for kids as it helps them channel all their energy into something positive.

That’s precisely what’s going on with the little girl you’re about to meet. Except she isn’t listening to any pop tune, she’s completely immersed herself in a gospel song.

Adorable 2-Year-Old Can’t be Swayed Whenever Her Favorite Gospel Song Plays

When your favorite song comes on, it’s hard to think of anything else! You get lost in the lyrics, sway to the beat, and just feel the entirety of the song. That is the power of music – it’s magical and enthralling at the same time.

This tiny girl knows exactly what we mean. Despite her young age, she loves being whisked away by her favorite song. The track in question is “Our God” by Chris Tomlin. It’s quite a popular song in the gospel genre, even hitting #1 in multiple Christian music charts.

The clip begins with the little girl wearing her pink PJ’s. Her eyes closed, she moves her head back and puts one arm in the air. And much to mom’s amusement, she starts moving her legs, catching on to the momentum of the guitar as it builds up in power and speed.

Mom tries to get her daughter’s attention by calling her name. “Izzy…Izzy!” she says. It works and Izzy finally snaps back to reality. She takes a second to register her surroundings by looking around the kitchen. She then gives mom a huge smile and we can only imagine mom beaming back at her. This is such an adorable moment and we’re super happy mom got it on tape.

Click on the video below to see the whole thing happen. We can all relate to little Izzy’s action in one way or another. If you know any music lovers out there, please share this post with them!

[Article Source: RNAlaska ]