Simon Forces Girl To Remove Makeup And Here’s Why

Oh, to be young, full of dreams, and performing in front of some of the most famous names in the industry! It’s exciting, sure, but you can’t-do it without many nerves. So imagine how you’d react if you’re all of 17, an aspiring singer hoping to impress the X-Factor judges, and have just been reprimanded by “Mr. Nasty,” a.k.a. Simon Cowell for wearing too much makeup!

This was exactly what X-Factor UK contestant Samantha Lavery went through during her grueling audition process. When she first stepped on stage, Samantha failed to impress the judges’ panel, which included Simon Cowell. He blasted her performance by saying that she failed to connect with the song and came off a bit stiff. But luckily for the 17-year-old, the judges were more than willing to give her another shot at the finals. They selected her as the wildcard.

The contestants were then jetted off to Simon’s house in Malibu, where they would once again have to compete. Soon enough, it was Samantha’s turn. She was greeted by Simon, along with former Spice Girls member Mel B and Emma Bunton. Like before, Samantha appeared overdressed in a leather jumpsuit and heavy makeup, and Simon did not care to mince his words. He was quick to advise her to tone her look down.

Like many of Simon’s criticisms in the past, this remark seemed uncalled for. Fellow judges Mel B and Emma Bunton shot back by telling him that girls should be allowed to experiment with their looks. Nonetheless, young Samantha took the talent mogul’s advice and wiped some of her makeup off. What happened next was amazing.

Samantha came back all fresh-looking, and more importantly, confident. She told the judges that she would sing a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Make it Rain,” a song choice that impressed Simon. The teen singer then went on to slay the cover and even got Emma Bunton to say that she could “listen to her voice all day”!

Unfortunately, Samantha did not make it far in the competition. Despite not winning, she thanked Simon for giving her the confidence to rediscover herself and connect with her song performances more. Given her young age and remarkable talent, we’re sure that she will go a long way in her career! Watch the video below to catch the SHOCKING moment when Simon asks Samantha to remove her makeup. Know any fans of singing competitions like the X-Factor? We’re sure they are going to love this story. Click the share button below to send it their way!

[Article Source: Talent Recap ]