Dad Invades His Daughter’s Craft Video With Funny Dance Moves Unaware That Her Teacher Will Watch It

Now that most parents are working at home, “kid invasions” are all too familiar! Remember the BBC TV reporter who got video bombed by his daughters marching into his room during a live stream of his interview? Well, it turns out these invasions can work both ways. Proving this point is a dad who was recently caught crashing his daughter’s craft video.

Some parents are laidback and love being silly around their children. But in an attempt to be the “cool parent,” things can sometimes go out of hand and reach the point of unintentional embarrassment.

Here’s an incredibly playful parent who just wanted to have fun. Read on to find out what happened.

Isaac Is The Goofy Type Of Dad.

Isaac Jones seems like a normal dad when he’s in public—heading to work and grabbing pizza and drinks afterward. But when he comes home to his family, he suddenly takes off his cloak of seriousness and starts goofing around his daughter. It’s probably for everyone’s amusement at home.

His Daughter Had To Do Distance Learning.

Because of the pandemic, Isaac’s daughter Delaney had to stay home and take her classes online. One day, she started filming a video at their home in Oregon. Seeing what she was doing, Isaac suddenly jumped into the frame and began to be his crazy self.

Isaac Started Dancing In The Background Of His Daughter’s Craft Video.

While “Uptown Funk” played in the background, Isaac started to do his thing. He moonwalked, shuffled, clapped, snapped his fingers, and at one point actually picked up Delaney’s younger brother and shook him around above his head (something the little boy thoroughly enjoyed)! All the while, Delaney remained calm and collected as she continued demonstrating her art and craft activity.

Little Did He Know, Delaney Wasn’t Filming An Ordinary Video.

Isaac initially believed that his daughter was just making one of those random craft videos like she usually does. This time he was the one who was about to be surprised. The video was going to be uploaded to the classroom app SeeSaw as a submission to Delaney’s first-grade teacher!

All Eyes Are On This Dad’s Dance Moves.

It’s no doubt that the real eye-catcher in Delany’s video is her dad. He continues making his random yet impressive dance moves. At one point, Isaac makes the iconic Michael Jackson-esque scream behind Delaney with a matching tap on the kitchen counter. She calmly says, “That’s my dad,” as if it was the most normal thing in the world to have your dad dancing in the house!

Isaac even went up close to the camera with Delany’s little brother for a surprise peek. Soon enough, Delaney’s other brother also joined the fun and made an appearance in the video as well.

Delaney then had to ask a question:

What is wrong with this family? I’m just trying to do some peace and quiet art.

Poor little girl. She just wanted to do her artwork in peace, but she might as well have done it at a rock concert.

Mom Decides To Share The Hilarious Videobombing Story On Facebook.

Jennifer, Delaney’s mom, realized what happened after her daughter sent the craft video to her teacher. It was just too ridiculously funny not to share with everyone. She decided to upload the video on Facebook, revealing the whole story in the caption. She wrote:

I was checking Delaney’s seesaw (app for school) and she often will send her teachers random videos wishing them well, or goodnight, or just talking to talk.

Well…. I found this as a sent video from earlier today. I hope her teacher laughed as hard as I did…. How’s your distance learning going?

*update* Daddy thought she was just making a “tutorial” like she typically does. He didn’t know she uploaded it to seesaw and sent it to her 1st-grade teacher!

That video now has more than 18 million views and 14 thousand comments. Everyone gets to share a laugh at the story of this dad’s embarrassment. Now, Isaac is Facebook famous and probably laughing at his daughter’s craft video as well.

[Article Source: Jennifer Jones/Facebook ]