Parrot Brothers Talk To Each Other And It’s Adorable

Most pet lovers prefer a furry friend, but this story will give you feathered severe pet goals! For one thing, owning a dog or a cat comes with quite a few lifestyle demands. They need attention, TLC, and a decent amount of space to play in. Not birds, however. If you are always on the move and have to rent apartments in no-pet buildings, you might want to consider getting yourself a smaller pet – a bird, for instance. But logistics aside, check out this adorable video to find out just how much fun pet parrots can be!

These two Indian Ring Neck Parrots go by the names of Fabio and Gabriel. They are siblings, born one year apart. Like most of their kind, they are vocal and intelligent creatures. But they’re also too adorable! As an added plus, these cute siblings have the good fortune to live in each other’s company. This leads to constant chatter between them. Fabio and Gabriel are so comfortable talking that they even get into petty arguments!

Parrots in the wild communicate differently from those raised in captivity. They use unique vocalizations and body language that only their species can understand. But since Fabio and Gabriel were brought up around human companions, they’ve picked up words from the English language and use them to communicate with each other. What makes their mode of speaking so amazing is their ability to remember each other’s names. Judging by the clip, there’s no doubt that these two even know that they’re related!

It is beautiful to see two animals live together in harmony. But you have to admit that it is even sweeter to see their bond grow stronger with every passing day. If you are thinking about getting a pair of parrots, though, make sure you can provide them the basics. Mainly, parrots need proper nutrition, veterinary care, and socialization. An unhealthy parrot tends to be unstable and anxious, and unhappy parrots usually don’t live too long. So if you are ready and willing to commit to the role of a pet parent, then do your research until you’re fully able to provide a nice and loving home for your parrots.

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[Article Source: AshleyHuntley ]