Toddler’s Hip-Hop Dance Rules The Internet

What’s cuter than a toddler saying his first words or taking his first little steps? A toddler who can dance hip-hop. Yes, that’s right, and I’m just as surprised as you are. Hip-hop sounds way too complicated for a 2-year-old, but this little guy has proved otherwise. He’s already on his way to becoming a pro.

You know what they say, you gotta start them young.


The young boy we’re meeting today is Jayden Silva. He was just 2 years old when this video of him dancing went viral, but even then, the world knew this is no ordinary dancer. Jayden’s father is a professional dancer who owns his own studio called Artistic Dance Studio. This is where Jayden learned the art of hip-hop dancing before he had even uttered his first words!

As soon as this video starts, we can see that Jayden has already perfected the hip-hop look by wearing a flat baseball cap, a baggy shirt, and of course, sweat pants. At first, it may seem like he’s just a normal kid, playing around on the dance floor and just watching himself in the mirror. But just as the music revs up, he switches over to dance mode!

Considering his age, it’s quite surprising how well his moves sync with the beat of the music. There are times when he gets a bit off on his movement, but it doesn’t take long to see that the kid’s got natural rhythm. He continues to take over the dance floor while his supportive mom films the whole thing. This boy is definitely a showstopper, and the viewers on the scene were probably smiling throughout his performance.

Adding an element of surprise

Throughout the clip, Jayden shows off his amazing footwork and groovy kicks and turns. But as if these weren’t impressive enough, he spices up his performance by chucking his hat. Suddenly, the song transitions into a new beat, and his dance moves get more intense. He then takes off his hat, bangs his head like a rock star, then tosses his hat before working again on those dance moves!

The big finale

Jayden ends his cute performance by throwing his hands in front of him as if to tell an invisible audience that “it’s a wrap!” It was the perfect way to end the little show.

This tiny tot’s natural talent and interest in dancing is a product of his parents’ encouragement and support. By leaving Jayden free to express himself, they’ve enabled him to discover and develop his talent on his own.

Since this video was uploaded, Jayden has become a little star on Instagram, where one can regularly find adorable photos and videos of him dancing. He has also become acquainted with some famous dancers from shows such as World of Dance.

As his network on social media grows, it seems even more likely that he’ll be a professional dancer in the future. With his passion and natural dancing skills, it won’t be long before he gets there!

Meanwhile, take a look at this precious performance and share it with your loved ones.

[Article Source: ArtisticDanceStudio1/Youtube ]