Inseparable Rescue Cats Find Permanent Home When Couple Decides To Adopt Them As A Package Deal

Animal rescue stories never fail to get us all teary-eyed. Most animals in shelters have had rough histories. Many have been abandoned or abused, while some have been tragically separated from their families and forced to live on the streets. But not all of their stories will make us cry out of sadness. This one, in particular, might just be the most wholesome one you’ve read yet!

Louie and Luna began their journey in Star Rescue, a shelter in Gainesville, Florida. Louie is an orange Tabby, while Luna is a brown and orange Maine Coon. They were rescued separately and, as fate would have it, brought to the same shelter.

Here are Louie and Luna, hugging each other tight as they sleep.

As cliché as it may sound, it was love at first sight for the two rescue cats. They were inseparable right from their first encounter. They’d always be found around each other, playing or cuddling until they fell asleep. Their close friendship blossomed into a love story that their future human parents would soon learn about.

Spending lazy days together:

This is where the human protagonists of this story come in. James and his girlfriend initially wanted to adopt a dog from the shelter. However, they changed their minds as soon as they met Louie and Luna. They were charmed by the cats’ sweet demeanor—not just towards them but also towards each other. The couple also realized that their current working and living conditions might not be suitable for raising a dog. Both of them currently work full-time and live in an apartment. They knew they were better off taking care of a cat.

Two weeks later, they decided to officially adopt Luna and foster Louie until he could find a permanent home. But after spending some time together with the two cats, they noticed that the bond they share is like no other. Louie doesn’t go anywhere without Luna tagging along.

Just another day in the sheets for these rescue cats.

James and his girlfriend were witnesses to Luna and Louie’s love story. The cats cared so much about each other that their parents thought they’ve known each other for a long time. It’s as if one could not exist without the other—the cat version of yin and yang! It’s quite an extraordinary sight to behold: two cats totally comfortable and at peace in each other’s company. The parents realized it would be cruel to separate them.

The first Christmas together for these rescue cats, and certainly not the last!

Because of this incredible connection, James and his girlfriend decided to keep both rescue cats and raise them together. Being in a relationship themselves, they already knew how difficult it would be to be taken away from someone close to your heart. So what if these two are animals? Their bond is quite rare and special. James and his girlfriend are even open to the idea of them building an army of kittens to fill their apartment with even more love!

Whether or not you call yourself a cat person, Louie and Luna’s story will surely warm your heart!

[Article Source: Did you know animals?/Youtube ]