Toddler “Borrows” Mom’s Phone, Orders $100 Worth Of McDonald’s

We all have our comfort food. And it’s normal for us to crave them a little too often. Now that most of us are doing takeout, thanks to the pandemic-imposed restrictions satisfying these cravings have become more comfortable than ever. It takes just one phone call or clicks on a restaurant’s website to get a heavenly meal delivered to our doorstep. But this little guy took his cravings way too far by treating himself to a McDonald’s feast.

McDonald’s is almost everyone’s go-to place for fast food. It may not be the healthiest, but it’s tasty and cheap. A lot of us probably wouldn’t mind having a McDonald’s feast every once in a while.

Raissa Andrade is a 32-year-old mom from Recife, Brazil. She recently narrated how her son was able to sneakily order himself a McDonald’s meal not just for one but for a whole team. Raissa had left her phone unattended for a bit. The cheeky little one was able to spot it and use it to his convenience. He ordered 10 bags worth of the famous fast food—a purchase of about 100$ or 400 Brazilian reals.

This 4-year-old boy used his mom’s phone to treat himself $100 worth of McDonald’s!

Raissa returned home from a doctor’s appointment and went for a quick shower following the coronavirus protocol. Tom, her son, was lounging casually and saw her phone lying around. He managed to use voice requests to order and even succeeded at confirming their home address for doorstep delivery. According to Raissa, Tom must have imitated her because she ordered takeout for them during the pandemic via phone call. We have to admit; this cheeky tactic is admirable for a 4-year-old.

Tom ordered 6 Happy Meals, 6 promotional meals, 10 milkshakes, 8 McSundaes, 8 bottles of water, and 8 special offer toys.

When the delivery came to their doorstep, 10 loaded bags took over their dining table. Inside them were 6 Happy Meals, 6 promotional meals, 10 milkshakes, 8 McSundaes, 8 bottles of water, and 8 special offer toys. When they took the goodies out of the bags, more French fries, burgers, drinks, and toys could fit on the table.

Instead of getting mad, Tom’s mother was surprisingly amused by his stunt.

Most mothers would explode on finding out that their child had spent that much money on takeout. But it was Tom’s lucky day. He was free from his mom’s scolding and also open to eating to his heart’s content. Raissa even took a photo of him with all his orders and couldn’t help but give a thumbs up for his efforts. When faced with such a big pile of food and goodies, it’s hard to know where to start.

However, Tom had some complaints. After going through his orders one by one, he found out the “yellow minion” he’d ordered was missing. Aside from the toy, they also forgot to put in his apple pie. McDonald’s needs to step up their service for the little ones!

You’re probably also wondering how this little fella can fit all of that food in his tiny belly. Luckily, their relatives live in the same building, so his mother could share the food and the hilarious story behind it. Raissa also reveals that her son’s little antic lifted her spirits a bit after learning about a health issue that had prompted her visit to the doctor that day.

His mother was very eager to post the hilarious story on her Instagram.

Raissa shared some photos of her son with his McDonald’s order on her Instagram account. She also said that it wasn’t the first time that this had happened. It makes us respect little Tom even more for pulling it off the second time! The post currently has 108k likes and more than 8k comments. Even the official account of McDonald’s Brazil had to leave a comment, promising to send a treat to continue their celebration. They told her to keep it a secret for the little one.

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