Bruce Springsteen Calls 4-Year-Old “Youngest Member Of The E Street Band”

Music brings us all together. It’s one thing that all cultures have had in common throughout history. Music festivals and concerts are wonderlands for music lovers – especially when they allow you to share the spotlight with your favorite artist!

Music Knows No Age.

Music is for everyone. Regardless of one’s gender, age, and social status, one can always enjoy a spot of good music and fun. For this young girl attending a concert, it turned out to be much more than an opportunity to listen to Bruce Springsteen live. This little one was lucky enough to become part of the band as well!

She Was Enjoying The Concert From The First Row.

4-year-old Nevaeh, together with her music-loving parents, was singing and dancing along with the crowd as E Street Band played “Waitin’ On a Sunny Day,” a 2002 hit by Bruce Springsteen. Her parents must’ve been huge fans of the American musician whose music career started during the 70s.

It Wasn’t Long Before Bruce Springsteen Had Noticed Her.

While singing and approaching the crowd to shake hands and pick up posters, Bruce happened to notice the young girl. She was probably one of the youngest attendees at the concert. He saw her singing with the crowd and decided to invite her on stage.

Nevaeh Sang Confidently With E street band.

She seemed like a natural on stage. Bruce let her sing the chorus of “Waitin’ On a Sunny Day” three times while his bandmates looked at her with pride. The drummer even kept time to her singing. Everyone in the audience was in awe, and Nevaeh’s parents couldn’t be any prouder.

After the short performance, Bruce and Nevaeh bowed to the audience and were rewarded with cheers and applause.

At 4 Years Old, Nevaeh is Already Into Music.

One wouldn’t expect children of Nevaeh’s age to listen to bands like Springsteen’s. Most tiny tots like her are only exposed to nursery rhymes, but this little girl will grow up to have good taste in music for sure.

She Is The Newest Addition To The Band.

According to Nevaeh’s parents, “After the song, Bruce came back over and asked how old she was and after hearing she was 4, he stated ‘she’s the youngest member of the E Street Band ever’.”

Her Moment With Bruce Springsteen Made A Lot Of Fans Envious On YouTube.

Nevaeh’s special moment on stage is precious and awe-inspiring, and some YouTube viewers have expressed their jealousy as well!

Her parents are thrilled with all the attention she’s getting. And because they were able to capture every moment of that special evening, Nevaeh will have something wonderful to look back on!

Bruce Springsteen Praised Her Singing.

Before handing her back to her parents, Springsteen said, “I’m mystified! You’re so good!”

[Article Source: mfernkes/Youtube ]