‘Daderina’ Steals The Show! Father Decides To Join The Ballet Onstage To Rescue His Panicked Daughter

Dad to the rescue!

Our fathers are usually the first heroes in our lives. Sure, our moms teach us to be kind, brave, and well-rounded individuals, but dads deserve some credit as well! Remember when you fell off your bike the first time you rode it? Dad was probably there to pick you up. That time you stumbled in the playground? Dad was quick enough to lift you off the ground right away. Whatever falls you take in life, he’ll be there to pick you up too.

The dad you’re about to meet is no different. He’s pulling out all the stops for his little princess, and the internet can’t help but fall in love with him! Read more about the amazing ‘Daderina’ below.

Daderina: Lawyer Dad Goes Viral After Performing Ballet Onstage With His Daughter

This dad is going viral for all the right reasons.

If you’ve been tuned into social media of late, then you’ve probably already heard of ‘Daderina.’

Marc Daniels has won the internet after he hopped onstage right in the middle of a dance routine to rescue his panicked daughter. He was captured rushing to his daughter’s side and helping her finish her ballet dance.

Oh, and we should note that Marc does all this with his other baby girl on one arm!

The crowd erupts into a mix of laughter and applause as Marc takes the stage. He may be dressed in simple shorts and sneakers but give him a tutu, and he’ll fit right in. The way he confidently does his twirls and choreography is super adorable. We can’t help but applaud this dancing dad.

So who exactly is Marc Daniels, and other than being awesome, what does he do?

Well, Marc works as a lawyer in Hamilton, Bermuda. He and his wife, Kim, have three daughters. It was 4-year-old Giada and 2-year-old Bella who performed that day.

“My husband was holding our youngest daughter, Suri. I was able to tend to the older girls backstage, but it was a long wait. That’s why the tantrum started,” Kim shared. “Bella started marching on stage, so I thought she wanted to go for it. But she demanded Daddy. I thought, ‘Wait! Mommy has been here for an hour!’”

In an effort to cheer his daughter up, Marc rushed to the stage.

“I went with the goal of trying to soothe and encourage her,” he said. “I did not want to pull her offstage away from her sister and single her out from the other girls and boy.”

You can watch Marc as he gracefully does the rest of the routine below.


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