These Pet Pajamas Are The New Obsession And Your Pet Needs Them Too

If there’s one good thing we’ve found in this pandemic, it’s the freedom to be in our pajamas all day! Who doesn’t love slipping into their cozy PJs after a long day’s work? Besides humans, pets also seem to like wearing pajamas—and they look ten times cuter than us. If you have pets and have ever dressed them in costumes, then you can imagine how cute pet pajamas must be!

If you’ve never tried dressing up your furry friend, take this as a sign that you need to start. Before coming across this photo collection, we probably wouldn’t have known that pets in pajamas were a thing. And now that we’ve seen them, all we want to do is look for the nearest pet store that has cute onesies in stock.

Even though our furry friends already have their thick fur to keep them warm, they also get cold during harsh winters. These pajamas will not just make them look cuddlier and more adorable but will also keep them extra warm while they sleep.

1. Elf PJs

Come Christmas, and we don’t just need to start taking out the decorations. We also need to start picking out the cutest elf pajamas for our dogs. You can even take things up a notch by wearing Santa-themed pajamas yourself.
Let’s all check out the ‘Pets In Pajamas’ lookbook and find out what this new trend is all about.

2. Plaid Hoodie PJs

Plaid is never out of style, and this dog is pulling it off so well. This one even comes with a hood for extra comfort. Your pet will make it to the runway wearing this.

3. Rubber Duckie PJs

This is Lucky. He looks so adorably and comfy in his rubber duckie PJs. He reminds us of human babies who also wear brightly colored pajamas like this one. It’s a perfect fit!

4. Fleece Pet Pajamas

We all know how comfortable fleece blankets are. Their texture and warmth make us want to stay in bed all day. Imagine being able to wear them as pajamas! No wonder Remy looks so happy with his polka dot PJs.

5. Classic Plaid PJs

The red-and-black color palette is a staple when it comes to plaid clothing. Now, your cat or dog can also wear this classic design, not for casual days but lazy afternoon naps.

6. Binge-Watch PJs

Monkey (yes, this dog’s name is Monkey) is ready to binge-watch ‘Friends’ again in his comfy blue and gray elephant pajamas. But he looks more prepared to sleep than to watch Ross convince everyone that he and Rachel were on a break.

7. Dino Pet Pajamas

Mijo definitely likes his Dino pet pajamas, but he’s not too excited for a nap. He’d rather play outside and flaunt his outfit. He will surely be a head-turner.

8. Pink Little Lamb PJs

There aren’t just ducks, elephants, and dinosaur prints, but also lamb prints on these dog pajamas. If only they had the same design in human sizes, so we could all match with our pets!

9. Dog Print PJs

Of course, this list won’t be complete without some dog print pet pajamas. The funniest part is that the dogs are also wearing pajamas in the drawings! It’s an inception of dog prints in Chanco’s PJs.

10. Princess PJs

Little Yokizo only deserves PJs meant for royalty like herself. Her regal pose and silky pajamas says it all. We’ll bow down to her highness any time!

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