These Two Blind Dogs Were Left Unwanted At The Shelter, Until One Woman Came Along To Change Their Lives

“Adopt don’t shop.”

That’s the slogan every animal rights activist swears by. Adopting a dog from the shelter or a rescue center is a life-changing process. It doesn’t just impact the animal’s life, it changes you as well.

The fulfillment and love that you get from adopting a grateful shelter dog is like no other. These lovely animals will stand by you through thick and thin, and be the best companions you could ever ask for. There are countless different shelters to visit when you go about finding your furry pal, and unfortunately, you’ll find that a lot of them are overpopulated.

If it’s already difficult to find homes for perfectly healthy animals, then imagine those born with special needs. The bills, treatments, and commitment needed to raise a special needs pet, are all very real. But the stigma that they won’t be as loving as physically healthy ones is totally false. Let this beautiful pair prove it to you! Learn more about Abi and Duke’s special adoption story below.

Abi And Duke: Two Blind Dogs Get The Happy Ending They Deserve

Little Abi is an adorable pooch born with no eyes. Despite her condition, she’s always been a spunky little soul. Her mom, DD, couldn’t help but fall in love at first sight. She understood the challenges that came with raising a special needs animal, but took the chance anyway.

Needless to say, DD has absolutely no regrets. Abi settled into her forever home nicely. She bonded with her new family and surprised them with her incredible sense of independence.

One day, DD’s life turned around when she received an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Her brother had phoned her all the way from Michigan. He said that there was a blind Labrador named Duke who needed a home. DD was reluctant at first as she didn’t know if she’d be able to provide for Duke.

In the end, DD gave in and set off to fetch Duke. She and her family took a four-day drive to meet the chocolate lab. Sure enough, DD fell in love with Duke just as she’d done with Abi. He fit right into their home too! He compliments Abi’s high energy with his chill vibe and the two blind dogs just love spending quality time together.

You can learn more about Duke and Abi’s story below. It’ll warm your heart, because it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day! When you’re done, remember to share this story to spread some positive vibes.

[Article Source: The Dodo ]