Grieving Dad Bursts Into Tears Of Joy When Daughter Gifts Him A New Puppy

Living with pets, especially with furry friends, is one of the best decisions you can ever make in your life. Despite the non-stop chewing of random things, playing and running around, it’s a great feeling to have a dog welcome you home and follow you around all day. You form memories with your pet like they’re part of the family like they’re your best friend. And when you lose them, it’s a different kind of sorrow. Suddenly, the house feels emptier than before. There’s suddenly a huge void that’s so hard to fill.

James was grieving over the loss of his two dogs, Nemo and Lucy. His daughter Jaleen decided to do something about it. She made a plan to help her father cope with the recent passing of his precious furry friends. Jaleen knew that Nemo and Lucy were irreplaceable and would always have a place in her father’s heart, but she felt it was time to gift him a brand new puppy to make new memories with. After all, it’s never too late to raise a new pet.

It was her dad’s birthday. He’d been complaining about stomach pain and was generally in a bad mood. Jaleen approached him, carrying an envelope with a surprise. The envelope read, “James, Your Birthday Gift is About To Arrive!”

James tore open the envelope to reveal a card. His expression changed in an instant. He was now holding a photo of a puppy named Lumo. Jaleen asked him to read the message on the birthday card. However, James was already overwhelmed with emotions.

He couldn’t control his tears. It was a very vulnerable moment for him. He started sobbing uncontrollably, somehow expressing his grief and happiness at the same time. He couldn’t bear to read the rest of the message, so his daughter stepped in to read it instead.

Hi, my name is Lumo. I am a boy bichon. No, I am not Nemo nor could I ever be Lucy. My mommy brought me to bring you some happiness back into your life. So as we walk down this journey of life together, may we create our wonderful memories and rekindle the beautiful memories you had with Nemo and Lucy.

Jumo, the new puppy, looked like a small cotton cloud. He showed no sign of protest when he was finally put into James’ arms. James was filled so much joy—like an innocent child being given a pet for the first time. Even so, there was still an ounce of pain in his words. He was somehow reliving a distant memory with his lost dogs. But as they shared this tender moment, Jaleen knew that she had given her dad the perfect birthday present.

As they say, a dog is a man’s best friend. The bond they make with humans is very special and truly one of a kind. In some ways, they keep us rooted in being kind, humane and compassionate beings. They remind us that our joys can be as simple as theirs.

Watch this touching video of James meeting his new furball of joy.

[Article Source: Storyful/Youtube ]