Yes It’s True This Elephant Can Really Paint

Elephants were always pretty amazing. And not just because of how majestic they look. Their mental abilities are just as awe-inspiring as their physical size. You’ve probably heard about how elephants never forget a face. But did you know that they can also produce art? Yep, an elephant named Suda is making waves all over the internet with her paintings. You heard that right, so keep reading to learn more!

Elephants are known to have the largest brains of land animals and three times as many neurons as human beings. Though most of these neurons are used to control elephants’ large bodies, these animals have displayed their advanced mental capabilities numerous times.

So let’s meet the creative tusker this post is about. The elephant lives in Thailand, where elephants have always held a special cultural place. But their popularity has become a double-edged sword for the species. On the downside, thousands of elephants have been subjected to harsh environments and abuse. But conservationists have fought hard to save elephants from landing in the wrong hands, prompting the creation of several sanctuaries all over the country.

Suda is a resident of the MaeTaeng Elephant Park in Chiangmai, Thailand. Like Suda, people saved the elephants in the sanctuary from illegal captivity. They were then raised and bred to preserve their kind.

Suda rose in popularity thanks to her incredible talent. You see, she is one of three elephants in the enclosure that can paint. While her specialty lies in painting other animals, Suda is known to create nature-inspired canvases like trees and flowers. She does this with the help of a guide. So sadly, the designs are not her own. But you have to admit; an elephant painting is an unusual sight to behold!

The talents of Suda and her siblings have drawn in visitors from all over the world. If you don’t have the chance to head to Thailand to view Suda in action, you can always click on the video below. To view Suda’s finished artwork, you may head over to the website The site is part of an initiative dedicated to preserving African and Asian elephants around Thailand. The profit they make from selling elephant artwork are donated to non-government associations that support agencies fighting the illegal ivory trade.

Elephants are creatures the world can’t afford to lose. Let’s hope that they can soon be free to roam the wild without any threat or fear of extinction. Meanwhile, share this fantastic story about an elephant painting like a seasoned artist with everyone you know!

[Article Source: FSchleyhahn ]