Now That’s A Splash! Soldier Returning From Afghanistan Surprises His Family In A Scuba Suit

It’s always a memorable and emotional moment when a soldier returns home. But while you may have gotten all teary-eyed over many such homecoming videos before, we bet you’ll find this one extra special!

Regardless where our soldiers are stationed, they make unimaginable sacrifices every day. Imagine being away from the people you love the most, missing your siblings’ weddings, and even the births of your own children. Our freedom comes at the expense of our military and the families they leave behind.

This is why every soldier’s homecoming is an important event. And it’s also why their homecoming videos tend to go viral. As human beings, we love seeing families reunite with one another after spending months apart.

Some soldiers go the extra mile to make their homecomings even more memorable. This brave gentleman is no different. While his girls are on a fabulous beach outing, he stealthily sneaks up behind them to make an entrance no one will ever forget!

Scuba-Diving Soldier Surprises Family During Beach Outing

He sure knows how to make an entrance! This US Air Force Captain planned an elaborate homecoming with the help of a scuba-diving suit.

Hyrum Bronson left his wife Bethany speechless when he appeared behind her in full scuba gear. Fortunately, a family friend who was in on the whole plan captured the emotional moment on camera.

It turns out that Bethany wasn’t expecting her husband back for another three weeks. Imagine her shock on finding out that he’s returned ahead of schedule!

Before his big entrance, the cameraman asked Bronson’s kids if they had any messages for their dad.

Daughter Charity exclaimed that she’ll “love him for always.” Bethany had a cheekier response for her old man, joking to the cameras that “I want your body.”

Little did the girls know that he was right behind them all this while.

“Mrs. Bronson, your husband’s here, reporting for duty,” Captain Bronson announced, emerging from the water.

Both his kids threw their arms around him as Bethany broke down in tears.

We can’t help but feel absolutely thrilled for the whole family! Huge celebrations lie ahead, and we hope they can continue to share special moments like this for years to come. And as for our message to Captain Bronson, well, “Thank you for your service!”

You can watch the sweet surprise by clicking on the video below.

[Article Source: Bethany Bronson ]