80-Year-Old Couple Finishes Marathon Hand In Hand Just In Time For Their 57th Anniversary

This 80-year-old couple has officially beaten everyone else…in the race to setting relationship goals! They’ve proven that there’s nothing in this world quite like a love that lasts. Because with your favorite teammate by your side, this game called life gets a whole lot more fun.

Sure, lifelong partnerships have their fair share of challenges, but there’s no better way to learn how to be selfless than by belonging to someone else. From the toothpaste you use to your side of the bed, everything used to be “mine” now becomes “ours.”

But it isn’t just material objects; hobbies, hopes, and dreams can also be shared by two people who truly love each other.

The couple you’re about to meet is the true definition of #relationshipgoals. To celebrate their 57th year together, Kay and Joe O’Regan decided to do something they both love and know so well – completing yet another marathon.

Couple Celebrates 57th Anniversary by Finishing Their 142nd Marathon Hand in Hand.

80-year-olds Kay and Joe O’Regan have completed a total of 142 marathons together in their 57 years of marriage. The Irish couple discovered their love for running 30 years ago when Kay said she wanted to do something big for their 50th birthdays.

The longtime lovers had already been married for 27 years when they first signed up for the London marathon in 1986. They finished hand in hand and even had a photo to remember the moment by.

As the years passed, Kay and Joe would continue to conquer different marathons around the world – from Boston to Berlin, to even the northernmost tip of Norway. For each race they’ve completed, the two couldn’t be any more in love…or in better shape! Kay’s personal favorite was the marathon in Melbourne, where she ran her personal best time of 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Now both octogenarians, Kay and Joe, are ready to hang up their running shoes.

The couple finished the Cork City Marathon with a bang. They made sure to hit the finish line hand in hand, just as they did at their first race. Besides being the most adorable couple on the track, Kay was officially named the fastest 80-year-old in Ireland after she clocked in at an impressive 5:25:29.

[Article Source: Inside Edition ]