Dad And Daughter Duo Surprises Internet With Dance Performance Of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

Dad and daughter relationships are full of memorable moments. Simple things like playing with toys, singing, and dancing become so much more fun when shared with your dad. Being close with our dads plays a significant role in our growing up into confident adults.

For parents, connecting with your children early is essential because this sets a foundation for their future interactions and relationships with other people.

This particular dad and daughter duo have a unique bond, which is plain to see in their cute and groovy dance performance.

Dancing Has Always Been Their Favorite Hobby.

Josh Rinder and his daughter, Audrey, have been grooving to several songs. The list includes the likes of ‘Sucker’ by the Jonas Brothers, ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake, and even the holiday classic, ‘Jingle Bells.’ When they get the dance bug, it’s impossible to stop. They post the videos on a YouTube channel that Josh has created.

But it’s not only dancing that these two are interested in. They also post singing videos where Josh plays the guitar. Sometimes, they post funny eating challenges where they both try eating marshmallows or gummy worms.

They Decided To Show Off Their Moves to Taylor Swift’s song ‘Shake It Off.’

One of the famous dance videos they uploaded is a performance of Taylor’s hottest hit song ‘Shake It Off,’ which is a very upbeat song that few can resist dancing to. Even though the video was uploaded six years ago, the charm and the effect is still the same—just a father and his daughter having fun.

They Spiced Up The Performance By Wearing Costumes.

At the beginning of the video, we can see Josh wearing a funny horse head mask. There’s also a point in the clip where Audrey is wearing a pink cheerleader costume with matching pom-poms. It’s all genuinely entertaining.

Young Though She Is, Audrey Shows That She’s Made For The Dance Floor.

Even though her dad doesn’t seem to be a natural dancer, little Audrey sure looks like she’s been taking dance lessons since she was in the womb. She looks so confident and happy sharing the dance floor with her father.

They’re Having So Much Fun Dancing!

It doesn’t matter if their moves don’t always sync—this father and daughter duo is entirely adorable. It’s like they’re sharing with us one of their special bonding moments. They don’t care about the audience. It’s all about having fun and expressing themselves.

A Dad’s Role Is Important For His Daughter’s Growth.

Source: via Pixabay

A good relationship with your parents can impact your life positively as you grow up. It’s the very foundation for how our personalities and behavior develop later in life. Daughters who have a strong emotional connection with their dads can develop greater self-esteem and even excel academically.

In a paper published in Rome, Italy, it was found that fathers who take time and effort to reach out to their daughters and actively participate in their lives can make their little girls feel a greater sense of self-worth, and as such, give them the necessary confidence to succeed in their endeavors.

The Bonding Can Be As Simple As A Dance.

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It may appear to be a small thing—to spend a few minutes dancing and being silly. But it means a lot more in the long run. It’s something incomparable and worth looking back to later in life.

Audrey and Her Dad’s Bond Will Last A Lifetime.

Luckily for us, this father and daughter duo is still treating us to new dance performances. Audrey is now 10 years old and still very close to her father. Aside from their closeness, their choreography has improved so much over the years.

They’ve Proved That Dancing Is Not All About The Moves!

Josh seems like the kind of dad who would go along with all the silliness that his daughter will come up with. He may be the one coming up with some of these goofy ideas! In this ‘Shake It Off’ dance cover, they danced with no proper choreography—and not a care in the world! It was all about feeling the music and having a great time.

If you want to see other videos of this adorable dad and daughter pair, check their YouTube channel. As for their famous ‘Shake It Off’ video, well, here it is!

[Article Source: jprinder1/YouTube ]