Italian Man Walks 450 Kilometers To Cool Off After A Fight With His Wife

“I’m OK, Just A Bit Tired.” This is what an anonymous Italian man said to the police. This was right after he made the headlines by walking 450 kilometers (280 miles) from the north of Italy to a town in the southern part of the country. The 48-year-old man took a week-long walk to let off some steam after arguing with his wife.

It’s normal for couples to argue. Some fights, though, can get out of hand, and the best thing to do is stop and take a step back. Disengaging can help both parties calm down, especially when the argument gets too heated up and physical. Walking away can make room for thinking and reflecting on the situation so that both people can come up with a rational solution. Emotions are notorious for getting in the way of how we approach our problems, which is why it’s essential to manage them effectively.

This man and his partner live in the far north of Italy, in Como’s city on the Swiss border. He managed to stroll to Fano, a town 450 kilometers down south on the Adriatic coast. But his long walk came to an end when the police caught him for breaking the lockdown rules.

After having a bad argument with his wife, an Italian man walked 450 kilometers.

italian man walks 450km after argument with wife

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The police came up to him at 2 am when they spotted him walking on a coastal highway after curfew hours. When they asked for his identification, they found out that his wife had reported him missing a week ago in Como. When the police asked him how he had reached Fano, he answered, “I came here on foot; I didn’t use any transport.” They couldn’t believe that he had walked that far.

According to Italian media reports, the man looked cold and tired but still very much aware of his surroundings. He admitted that he didn’t realize he’d walked so far away from his hometown during an interview. Some kind strangers offered him food during his solo trip, during which he traveled approximately 60km (40 miles) a day.

“I came here on foot, I didn’t use any transport.”

His wife was eventually informed about his whereabouts and came to pick him up. But because Italy had imposed curfew hours from 10 pm to 5 am, her husband had to pay a €400 ($485) fine for not following the pandemic protocols.

The Internet Has Named This Italian Man The “Forrest Gump” of Italy.

long walk for italian man after fight with wife

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Remember the protagonist of the 1994 movie who walked thousands of miles across the United States? Well, this anonymous Italian man has also earned the nickname “Forrest Grump” for pulling off this stunt!

Many people thought what he did was heroic and that he should have been rewarded with a pair of new shoes instead of being met with a fine. Others found it admirable that he chose to walk away and calm down instead of resorting to violence towards his wife.

But if there’s one thing we’d like to know, it’s how his wife reacted to him having to pay a €400 fine. Will they have another heated argument? We’ll never know for sure.

Here’s What Social Media Feels About The Italian Man.

After the news spread, people started to share their opinions and hilarious comments on Italy’s “Forrest Gump.”

This guy made up a scenario for when the husband came back.


Another hilarious scenario for when his wife came to pick him up.

One guy made fun of the absurdity of it all.

We can only imagine what they must have argued about.

social media reacts to italian man's 450km walk

Yes, Federico. It’s hard times during this pandemic.