Couple Documents Christmas With Their Baby And It’s Hilariously Adorable

Ah yes, it’s Christmas again. The most wonderful time of the year when we get to dust off our old Christmas decorations, drink hot chocolate, eat cookies and have a little fun in the snow. For kids, it’s all about gifts and Santa Claus. But what about babies? Aren’t they too young to appreciate the spirit of Christmas?

Think again.

This couple decided to take a video of their adorable baby girl as they prepare for the holiday season. Esther and Thad Anderson showed us what it’s like preparing for Christmas when there’s a baby in the house. The two run a website called: “Story of This Life,” where they document their experiences as parents through videos and blogs.

They don’t want to sugarcoat anything. When the couple make videos, they capture the raw emotions and reactions and showcase the unfiltered scenes of real-life parenting.

Esther and Thad share:

We strive to encourage conversation about the realities of life and parenting to help shift the social pretense that we have to pretend to have it all figured out, keeping a relatable and transparent perspective shared through real-life moments.

A video of theirs, entitled “Christmas with a baby,” has over 6 million views from all over the world. It starts with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The bright red Christmas balls, lights, and candy canes immediately catch their baby’s eye. A moment later, she was seen putting one of the delicious-looking candy canes in her mouth. Then she crawls under the tree like it’s the most obvious thing to do!

Of course, mom is there to come to her rescue. She also has a plan. To keep her baby girl away from the Christmas tree, she decides to move the ornaments higher up the tree. Sorry, kiddo.

Now that the tree is baby-proof, it’s time for gift wrapping. But wait, how about a family photo first!

Well, someone’s clearly not in the mood. Let’s go back to gift wrapping, shall we?

Gifts are essential to Christmas, but we all know we can’t say gifts without Santa. Maybe a visit to Santa will help her calm down.

Or not…

Finally, mom seems to have found the right activity for her—baking cookies. Yes, she pounds the dough with her feet. That’s why it’s extra sweet! All these cookies were made from a baby girl’s love.

There’s just so much going on when celebrating Christmas with a baby. From checking your decorations for poison hazards to making sure that the baby’s Santa socks are full of goodies, it’s all part of the parent’s job. Indeed, it can get very exhausting to deal with these problems during the day. It’s only reasonable to look forward to turning the lights off and calling it a day.

But just when these exhausted parents think they can have their peace and quiet for the night…

The baby starts crying.

Not just once, but twice, thrice…They’ve already lost count and manage to fall asleep somehow. But someone wakes up too early and full of energy!

The little girl makes her merry way up to the top of the presents. She probably thinks they are all hers. She doesn’t think twice about opening one of the gifts, which turns out to be a new toy. But she seems to be more excited about the cookies dad left for Santa. No one can stop her from munching away!

She continues doing her baby stuff until her parents wake up. They’re in for a real holiday treat!

It’s a very merry Christmas, indeed!

For others, this baby’s Christmas antics would probably constitute a nightmare. But for Esther and Chad, this is just one of many beautiful Christmases to come. Certainly, they will be looking forward to it every year—even the mess, the chaos, and the crying. Time passes quickly, and pretty soon, their kids will all be grown up. When the time comes, they will have all these memories to look back at, especially when their baby girl prefers the box over the big present inside.

Esther and Chad have already received the best Christmas present, and it comes in the form of this little bundle of joy. She’s irreplaceable and worth every sleepless night.

[Article Source: Story of This Life/YouTube ]