Woman Gives Her Own Jacket To A Shivering Dog, Warms Hearts

It’s the cold season again, and while most of us are warm in our homes, many animals are battling the freezing temperatures outside. Stray animals have to find their shelter to survive harsh winters. But sometimes, even pets with owners end up getting neglected during these times.

Despite their thick coats, our furry friends run the risk of feeling chilly. A nice sweater can do the trick in such cases, and a big hug is always a bonus! It’s also advisable to keep your pet indoors since their dog houses may not be insulated enough to keep them cozy through the night.

This story about Kristina and a dog out in the cold prove that there are still selfless people in the world.

It Started On Her Way Home From Work…

Kristina Hollie, an employee from Cambridge, Massachusetts, takes the bus every day to work. While waiting at the bus stop on a cold winter day, Kristina and her colleague saw an unbearably lonely sight.

They Saw A Shivering Dog Tied To A Tree.

The poor dog was patiently waiting for his owner to finish an errand at the post office. He was tied to a tree and couldn’t seek a temporary shelter. Hollie was genuinely concerned about the dog. She said, “It was freezing and windy out. I noticed that he was visibly shaking.”

What Followed Was A Beautiful Act Of Kindness.

With all that’s happening globally, we would think that a person being selfless is too rare to witness nowadays. This was quickly disproven by what Hollie and her co-worker saw next. The dog’s owner covered her pet up with her jacket. She wrapped it gently around her shivering dog and then zipped it up so it would stay snug on his body.

The Shivering Dog Was Now Cozy And Warm!

Once the owner was sure that her furry pal was safe from the cold, she went back to her line at the post office. She left wearing a sweatshirt and a beanie, which seemed just enough to get her through until they reached home.

The Shivering Dog’s Story Has Caught A Lot Of Attention.

Source: via Pixabay

It wasn’t just Hollie and her friend who was surprised by the gesture. Other passersby witnessed the heartwarming scene and couldn’t help but take photos of the adorable dog wrapped in a human jacket.

His photos quickly became viral across the internet.

Hollie Is Fond Of Spotting Street Dogs.

She has joined a group on Facebook, where people share their encounters with street dogs. They also share their photos, making it incredibly helpful if some dogs need exceptional help and attention. Hollie posted about the dog wrapped in a jacket, and the story touched many group members.

Too Many Dogs Still Experience Neglect And Abandonment.

Source: via Pixabay

Luckily, this dog has a selfless owner. But there are many stories about dogs and other pets being neglected that often go untold. Some people leave their dogs behind when they move to a new apartment. They even leave their dogs in the middle of nowhere so they won’t be able to follow them. These acts of cruelty are punishable by law, and rightfully so.

Having A Pet Is A Responsibility.

Source: via Pixabay

Pet owners should know from the beginning that taking care of an animal is a big responsibility. Just like any creature here on earth, they need to have their basic needs met, and their rights served.