Mailman Becomes Well-Known For Taking Selfies With Animals He Befriends While On Duty

Movies and cartoons will have us think that mail carriers and neighborhood dogs are sworn enemies. This story, however, proves otherwise. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised to see just how well they can get along. Read on to meet a particular mailman who happens to be best friends, not only with one dog but with every pet on his mail route!

Cristiano da Silva Antunes is a mailman based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has been breaking the stereotype by Instagramming selfies with every animal he meets on the street for a while now. He calls himself Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais, which means ‘Animal-friendly postman.’ Check out his photos, and you’ll know why. It’s plain to see that he forms instant bonds with the city animals and wins their trust in no time. From huge hounds to cutesy cats, every animal seems to love this mailman.

1 – Cheek To Cheek.

2 – Cat Cuddle.

mailman selfie with cat


3 – Happy Trio.

4 – An Unlikely Companion.

Cristiano’s love for animals goes beyond the selfies. This mailman has a mission. He rescues sick stray animals he meets while on duty and brings them to the nearest vet or shelter for immediate care and attention. Not just that, he also hopes to open up his own animal shelter soon. He is currently trying to raise funds to help abandoned animals in his city by selling dog collar holders online.

5 – Smothered by Dog Kisses.

6 – She Wants A Bike Ride.

7 – Distracted Dogs.

8 – Just Chilling.

9 – A Furball of Cuteness.

Animals may not be for everyone, but somehow, a man’s relationship with animals becomes an indicator of his personality. Befriending animals comes naturally to Cristiano. Even so, he follows a short ritual to get to know them better. For dogs, it starts with a small greeting, after which he lets them sniff his hand from a distance. This makes the dog familiar with his scent. Once the dog is comfortable, Cristiano approaches it until they’re close enough for the pup to start licking his face.

Cristiano has been around dogs since he was a child, which can explain the natural connection he has with them. He’s also a pet owner himself. He and his wife take care of a few dogs and three cats. Cristiano’s friendliness with animals is so rooted in his past that it has become a part of his life. Perhaps, this tale of another unsung hero will help establish a new fact: “A mailman is a dog’s best friend.”

10 – The More The Merrier.

11 – Resting With His Pal.

12 – A Ray Of Sunshine.

13 – Double The Love, Double The Fun.

14 – A Trip To The Vet.

15 – Such A Playful Dog!

16 – Got A Bit Too Clingy.

17 – A Poodle’s Love.

18 – The Stylish Mailbox Guard.

19 – So Good To See You!

20 – A Hero!

The world truly needs more people like Cristiano!