A Mysterious Hooded Man Approaches A Street Piano. The Minute He Starts To Play, Everyone Stops In Their Tracks

Commuting isn’t easy, especially during rush hour madness. Busy commuters are always spotted checking their watches, wondering if they can make it to their destinations in time. They hardly ever have the time to notice their surroundings; it’s always an endless cycle of go, go, go!

Despite efforts to make commuting stress-free, we can all agree that standing in a crowded train for nearly an hour every day can take a toll on our physical and mental health. This is probably why we need a change in our routine every once in a while. Of course, a vacation is the best cure, but if it isn’t on the cards, then maybe stop and take in the sights for once?

Their performance was stellar!


Ok, we know what you’re thinking. Sights? At a crowded station? How can those be anything but unpleasant? Well, sometimes they aren’t, and commuters who take a moment to appreciate the little things around them are often rewarded with unexpected entertainment.

Take it from the lucky folks at this busy London train station, who got their dose of entertainment for the day when a hooded man sat down by a street piano. No one could see the mysterious man underneath his large coat. But as soon as he started to play, people couldn’t help but stop and listen to his remarkable talent.

Hooded Piano Player Surprises Busy Commuters With His Impromptu Performance

It’s rush hour at the train station and people are hurrying to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. But the usual hustle and bustle is disrupted when a hooded figure rushes to the piano. If you picture yourself there, it’s understandable to be freaked out by the sight. But as soon as the mysterious stranger starts playing, everyone stops in their tracks!

So who is the talented piano player in the fur-lined parka? His name is Brendan Kavanagh, also known as Dr. K. The London native is famous for randomly showing up at busy terminals in hopes of entertaining the crowd. Dr. K makes sure to capture the reactions he gets on tape, making his appearances all the more entertaining.

You can watch the amazing Dr. K hit all the right notes in the clip below. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll run into him during rush hour. Until that happens, you can share his talent with the world by clicking the button below!

[Article Source: Brendan Kavanagh ]