She Isn’t Too Happy About It! Angry Toddler Teaches Dad A Lesson After He Plays With Her Toys

Try to imagine what goes on in a toddler’s mind. Everything is new, there’s a LOT to explore, self-control is limited, and so is their vocabulary. It’s quite the obstacle course, wouldn’t you say? Nonetheless, those little ones do manage to put up some entertainment for their parents. Check out how this angry toddler decided to teach her dad a lesson, for instance!

Parents find their kids’ toddler years particularly exciting. Most moms and dads get to experience plenty of laughs as their tiny tots analyze every situation thrown in their path. Though the road isn’t all sunshine and roses, there’s no doubt that those toddler years are a whole lot of fun.

This dad will certainly convince you that raising a toddler is quite the ride. In the video below, he’s seen trying to have fun with his little girl by playfully teasing her. He takes her toy maracas and starts to play them without her permission. Naturally, his daughter isn’t too pleased about it. Her reaction? Well, it’s safe to say that dad will be thinking twice about taking her toys next time!

Angry Toddler ‘Scolds’ Dad After He Plays with Her Toys

2-year-old Tegan Purdy isn’t too happy with her dad.

The toddler got so riled up because she caught dad shaking her maracas. In a fit of tiny, pent-up rage she forcefully takes the maracas from his hands. As if that wasn’t enough, Tegan teaches her father a lesson by schooling him with the words, “No, no!”

But dad hasn’t learned his lesson.

Once again, he takes the instruments and shakes them. The noise causes Tegan to run back into the room and show dad who’s the boss.

Tegan’s father, Dyon Purdy, isn’t sure where his daughter got all that sass. At the moment, it sure looks like she’s a natural! According to Dyon, Tegan enjoys letting people know what she’s thinking, even if no one really understands what she’s trying to say.

Who knew an angry toddler could make for such good entertainment? You can watch Dyon playfully tease his little girl in the video below. Trust us, her reaction will leave you in stitches! Do you want to brighten up someone’s day? Please share this post with your family and friends by clicking that button below.

[Article Source: Dyon Purdy ]