Dad Plays Sesame Street Song For Baby Girl And Her Adorable Reaction Goes Viral

We all have childhood memories of that one TV show that our parents would let us watch during lazy afternoons. Sesame Street could very well be the most famous and longest-running kids’ TV series.

Famous characters like Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Grover, Cookie Monster, and, of course, Elmo, have been entertaining and educating children ever since Sesame Street aired its first episode in 1969. It’s been 50 years, but kids and parents alike still favor the show.

Even though kids are the show’s primary audience, its producers constantly challenged their storylines to develop educational and progressive content. Aside from teaching basic counting or colors, the episodes discussed essential topics like divorce, death, homelessness, and even obesity.

In addition to its characters, another iconic thing to remember about Sesame Street aside is its opening song. Even if we don’t necessarily like it, most of us can immediately recognize it just by listening to the first few notes. The show influenced us more than we think.


When played repeatedly, this song can become quite annoying for adults. But for a kid, it has all the elements to keep them occupied and entertained.

Little Ellie May has been drawn to Sesame Street ever since her dad Joe decided to watch a couple of episodes with her. She might be one of the youngest little girls who have developed a great attachment to the show, especially its songs. When the tune to Elmo’s World starts playing, she can’t help but express her delight.

Ellie’s dad decided to share a video of them watching the opening sequence of Sesame Street together. It’s the most adorable thing you can ever witness.

Joe begins by saying:

“You’re now about to witness the strength of Sesame Street knowledge.”

Ellie May is calmly sitting on his lap at this point, but you can tell she’s excited about what’s going to happen. Joe then presses play on his computer, and the Sesame Street song starts to play.

Ellie May’s first reaction is shocking. Her little mouth forms a huge ‘o’ that quickly turns into a big smile.


She continues to flash her contagious grin while her eyes remain glued to the screen. Elmo has definitely caught her attention, and there’s no sign that she’s going to turn her eyes away from him.

Joe can’t help but smile at his little daughter’s reaction even though he might have seen it a couple of times. It’s too precious and cute to ignore. It’s as if this baby girl is in Elmo’s world—understanding everything he says and does.

Her dad decided to stop the viewing even though we could totally watch Ellie May for a lot longer. Her captivation with Elmo has captured our hearts, too.

Babies like Ellie May have a knack for being effortlessly adorable. Her reaction to the popular Sesame Street song has caused the internet to melt in awe.

After being posted on Joe’s YouTube channel last November 2017, this adorable video has gained more than 5 million views and almost 7000 comments.

Viewers have flooded the comments section with their own reaction to Ellie May.

One person wrote, “I failed, couldn’t help myself. What an adorable child. Bless her little heart. I was smiling from ear to ear.”

Someone also praised their father and daughter relationship, “She looks like her daddy! The pureness of babies! How beautiful to see daughter & daddy together like that!”

YouTube probably felt the need to give us a booster dose of cuteness because just over a month ago, Ellie May’s video resurfaced. Joe showed his appreciation to the viewers by hearting all of their comments.

After getting this video recommendation a couple of times, one user said, “I don’t know how many times I have watched her smiling..and YouTube keeps suggesting it again and again and I always watch. ❤️”

Joe has also started documenting their life as a family by uploading other videos where we can see Ellie May all grown up and being a big sister to Ivy —the newest addition to the family. By creating this small window into their life, he has made countless people smile despite these hard times.

To witness this adorable father and daughter enjoying their Sesame Street moment, scroll down and press the play button. Don’t forget to spread the positivity by sharing this post with your family and friends.

[Article Source: Joe Hisel/YouTube ]