Man Gets 50th Birthday Surprise From His Soldier Son

Don’t we all love a heartwarming birthday surprise? Check out this jolly fellow’s 50th birthday celebrations, made all the more impressive by a surprise he could never, ever have expected! Word of warning, though – this is a tearjerker if ever there was one! However, they’ll be tears of happiness, so go ahead and keep reading.

The protagonist in our story was having a pretty good 50th birthday party. He had everything he could have asked for – the company of his family and good friends, plus a touching message from his son. The young man couldn’t be there for his dad because he was a deployed soldier and was serving overseas at the time. To make up for his absence, he had recorded an excellent video for his father. When the time came, the heartwarming clip was played for everyone at the party, and there wasn’t a single dry eye in the room.

The birthday boy began to tear up as soon as his son appeared on the screen, which was exactly what his son had jokingly predicted in the video! So the brave soldier went on to deliver the rest of his message to his old man, while the latter wiped the tears falling off his face. This was a touching moment in its own right, but there was yet another surprise in store. As soon as the clip ended, and before the man could even turn around, his son had walked in through the door!

Naturally, the father broke down even more at the sight of his boy. However, this time, his tears were those of pure happiness. The two gave each other a heartwarming hug and spent the rest of the night feeling elated over their joyful reunion.

The United States continues to deploy its maximum number of troops overseas every year. This means spending even more extended periods far away from the people they love for soldiers and other military personnel. It is a sacrifice no one asks them to make, but they continue to do it anyway out of love for their country and the safety and security of their fellowmen. All the more reason for us to salute the efforts of our troops each day!

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[Article Source: TheTour ]