14 Easy DIY Gift Ideas That Are Perfect This Christmas

The season of giving is here. Those of us who haven’t managed to secure the perfect gifts for our loved ones are going through a fair degree of stress! This time of the year, the problem gets all too real when you have tons of friends and, of course, co-workers. How can you forget to give something to your pet? The more, the merrier, isn’t it? We all wish our Christmas budgets were big enough for everyone.

Gift giving is a unique tradition, but it doesn’t always have to be extravagant. It’s the thought that counts; it doesn’t matter if we buy inexpensive gifts. Sometimes, being with the people we love is enough to keep the Christmas spirit alive. But if you still want to prepare something at the last minute, make it extra special by going for handmade gifts. Not only are they more personal, but they’re also quite practical. The story, effort, and time behind every handmade gift make it much more meaningful than a store-bought present.

Even those who aren’t naturally creative can make something particular with practice and follow D.I.Y. instructions. One internet search will fetch you tons of gift ideas that you can quickly implement. Most of the items can even be found lying around the house. A short trip to your local art and craft store will get you all the other materials. It might take more effort, but it’s worth a try!

Once you get started and pick up the pace, you’ll be surprised by how comfortable and fulfilling gift-making can be. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. These 17 easy Christmas crafts and D.I.Y. gift ideas will change the way you think about holiday gifts.

1. Christmas-Themed Picture Frames

Old picture frames can turn into holiday-themed decorations. With some paint, printed photos, and even old stuffed toys, you can turn them into something special. They’re perfect as festive table displays. Plus, you can make plenty of them, depending on how many spare frames you have at home. You can experiment with any design you prefer.

2. Marble Dipped Mugs

These colorful mugs will make everyone ask where you bought them. Little do they know is that you made them using regular white mugs, warm water, and nail polish! Two minutes is all it takes to make these, and the outcome is unique for each cup. You can also experiment with different colors to make it look even more artistic.

3. Winter-Themed Diorama

If you have empty Mason jars at home, you can create a beautiful winter diorama. You can use salt for your fake snow and add some miniature Christmas figurines: like a pine tree or a snowman. You can even tie some ribbons around the jar to add more color and effect. Give this D.I.Y. gift any theme you want with whatever resources are available at home.

4. Mason Jar DIY Sweets

If you have a friend with a sweet tooth, you can always make something edible for them. This hot chocolate mug is the perfect holiday gift/treat. All you need is some basic ingredients and a simple recipe. One simple option is a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Gift Jar. You will need; sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, caramel-flavored chips, and marshmallows. Mix and transfer these to a mason jar, add some ribbons and a sticker label, and voila! All done! The recipient of this edible D.I.Y. gift will need to add hot milk and serve.

5. Homemade Wreath

Wreaths are often seen as a typical Christmas decoration. Store-bought wreaths can be quite expensive, so you can opt for a cheap option by making one yourself. If you have a ton of old Christmas bulbs gathering dust in your basement, you can string them together using a wire hanger. Add some fake cut-outs from your old Christmas tree, and customize the wreath to your recipient’s preferences regarding color or theme.

6. Homemade Bath Soap

If you’re feeling more inventive and confident, you can try making handmade soap as your D.I.Y. gift. One recipe includes only five ingredients; olive oil, coconut oil, coffee, oat bran, and lye. It would be best if you are careful while handling lye (sodium hydroxide), so wear your gloves while making your mixture. You can choose your recipe and personalize the fragrance according to the recipient’s liking.

7. Cupcake Santa Decor

You can decorate any dessert cake or even your houseplant with these cupcake liners Santa decorations. Get creative by using different colors of paper and popsicle sticks. You can even glue in some googly eyes to make them look more comical. It’s so easy to do, and you can create many different designs like Christmas trees or angels.

8. DIY Mask Hanger

Since we’re using masks daily, this mask hanger is the perfect DIY gift idea this year. We often find ourselves mindlessly leaving our masks anywhere. With this handy gift, the recipient won’t have trouble finding and choosing his or her mask for the day. Try and find a wood panel at your local art store and customize it with some paint or lettering and add many hooks.

9. Thrifted Homemade Candle

Most thrift shops have a knick-knacks section where you can find a candle container like an old mug or cup. Find some old candles and refrigerate them for a few hours to quickly get the wax out. Melt the wax in boiling water and start filling your container. Finish it off by adding the wick of the candle before it hardens. To make it more customized, add a tag, and write your greeting or message.

10. Hand-Knitted Trivet

With just a rope and some braiding skills, you can make one of these charming trivets as a DIY gift for your mom or grandma. It may look not that easy, but you can easily get the hang of it as you go. Just keep braiding until you think you’ve achieved the right size. You can find the full tutorial on: Flax & Twine.

11. DIY Leather Pouches

These leather pouches can store small essentials in your handbag, like cards, keys, or even jewelry. You can tailor the size of the pouch. There’s no sewing involved here, so it’s relatively easy. You need a template to shape the pouch correctly for folding. The template is available for free download on Clever Poppy, the folks who originally made this design.

12. Cute Jewelry Plates

These jewelry plates are so adorable that’ll tear you between handing them out as D.I.Y. gifts or just keeping them for yourself. Using polymer clay, you can start molding your plates at whatever size you find suitable, and bake them for 20 minutes at 275°F until they harden. Paint in any shade you like. Gold paint usually brings a different dazzle to the pieces.

13. Homemade Plant Holder

If you have more than enough polymer clay for your jewelry plate, you can also make a plant holder for your plant-lover friends. It may be a little difficult to mold, but the outcome is perfect, especially for small houseplants like succulents.

14. Homemade Lip Balm

It’s the cold season again, and these lip balms are the perfect D.I.Y. gift to prevent chapped lips. They’re made from natural ingredients like beeswax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. Just mix these ingredients and fill up some empty lip balm tubes you can buy in bulk. You are also free to choose any essential oil to add in some fragrance. Lavender, peppermint, or lemon are good choices.

Ready to up your D.I.Y. gifting game? Get started on some of these homemade gifts right away, and no one will ever know you got to them at the last minute!