17 Adorable Reasons Why Corgis Are The Royal Blood Of The Dog World

If you ever need proof that cute things come in small packages, look no further than the corgi. You’ve probably seen these pups in more than a few videos online. Their long bodies and short legs have made them an instant favorite among dog lovers everywhere. But the corgi isn’t just adored by the public; it also happens to be revered by none other than Queen Elizabeth herself!

It’s hard to resist smiling at the mere sight of a corgi. After all, their happy faces are only made better by their friendly disposition. A corgi may not be as beautiful as an Alaskan Malamute or as perfect as a Labrador, but it certainly makes for one of the best companions to have around.

As you can tell by now, this post pays homage to the amazing corgi. Whether it’s the Pembroke or the long-tailed Cardigan Welsh corgi, there’s no resisting the cuteness of this wonderful breed. So without any further ado, here are 18 reasons why corgis are the royal blood of the canine world!


Why Does Everybody Love Corgis? Here Are 17 Good Reasons.

1. Corgis are so good at showing emotion, even inanimate objects feel their pain!

2. Mayday! Mayday! Corgi down! This poor fella forgot how to be a dog. Apparently, the corgi isn’t afraid to showcase its imperfections.

cute corgis - 2

Source: imgur.com

3. Corgis love their humans so much, they’d genuinely smile for embarrassing family photos without any complaints.

cute corgis - 3

Source: reddit.com

4. This corgi knows that the best time of the day is when you finally get to take that peaceful nap you’ve been longing for. Rest well, pupper!

5. Corgis always seem to be in desperate need of a cuddle. This little guy looks extra cute cuddling with his lookalike.

cute corgis - 6

Source: reddit.com

6. Corgis are masters of camouflage. Can’t tell which one is real here, sorry!

cute corgis - 7

Source: reddit.com

7. Corgis happen to make great utility tools. This fella is a professional snow plow.

cute corgis - 8

Source: top13.net

8. This little one is so tired, he doesn’t mind his tongue hanging out. That blep tongue is super adorable.

9. Corgi or bunny? We can never tell the difference.

cute corgis - 10

Source: reddit.com

10. Leaping corgis are superheroes. Don’t believe us? Check out superman corgi below!

cute corgis - 11

Source: i.imgur.com

11. But every superhero has its weakness and it looks like this giant zucchini is one of them!

cute corgis - 12

Source: reddit.com

12. It’s puppy day at work and this small bean looks like he’s exhausted just being there.

13. Poor baby got stung by a bee. He should’ve kept his nose out of other people’s business.

cute corgis - 14

Source: reddit.com

14. Possibly the best photobomb in the history of photobombs. The queen’s corgi is clearly stealing the show here.

15. Corgis are multitalented. Other than being incredibly agile, they have a great sense of balance too!

cute corgis - 16

Source: okmeil.com

16. This corgi is ready to herd…our hearts together! Don’t you just love his little hat?

cute corgis - 17

Source: pinterest.ph

17. Bubble butt! Or should we just say heart-shaped butt?

cute corgis - 18

Source: reddit.com

Hope you enjoyed this paw worthy post! Stay tuned for more