Football Player With Cerebral Palsy Scores Touchdown As Both Teams Cheer On

With all the unfortunate things going on around the world, we could all do with uplifting stories. Well, here’s one that will lift your spirits and make you believe in the heart of camaraderie. What’s even better is its setting – a football game! Keep reading to find out what made both teams rally behind the player scoring the winning touchdown.

Sporting events like football are always fun, exciting, and rife with unexpected twists and turns. A high school football game in Mechanicsville, Virginia, took a surprising turn just as the night came to a close and football player Sepp Shirey stepped onto the field. Shirey was born with cerebral palsy, but his extreme passion for the sport inspired him to try out for the Atlee High School varsity team, which welcomed the teen with open arms.

During their game against rival team Varina, the high school senior was sent in by coach Matt Gray. This wasn’t Sepp’s first appearance. He had played a few times over the years with instructions that defenders must put their hands on him instead of tackling him to the ground.

For the Friday night game, though, Gray told the referee and coaches that the opposing players could tackle Sepp. But as soon as Sepp took hold of the ball, Varina’s defenders opted not to tackle him. Instead, they joined the crowd in cheering Sepp on as he ran 80 yards down the field without his crutches. The whole field continued to rally for Sepp as he crashed into the end zone and landed safely in the arms of his teammate.

Coach Gray, who had no expectations when he let Sepp into the game, was touched. He was equally proud of his own players, Sepp, and the opposing team. It was truly a moment worth celebrating.

Sepp’s life has always revolved around football. When he was young, he attended a football camp where Gray served as an assistant. The two met again when Gray was hired as coach for Atlee last year. Football also allowed Sepp to meet his childhood hero, Tim Tebow. The two have stayed in contact through Tebow’s Wish 15 foundation. The football star is the reason why Sepp wears a number-15 jersey as well.

Incredible things do happen when people support each other. Here’s to more heartwarming moments like this in the future! Don’t forget to watch the video below to see Sepp score his winning touchdown. And spread the spirit of camaraderie by clicking that button below!

[Article Source: KGMediaUS ]