21 People Welcomed The New Year With Big Accomplishments And They Couldn’t Be Any Happier

Last year went by in a blur with all the unforeseen events that happened. We can all agree that throwback 2020 won’t be too easy to look back upon. There are many positives, though. While some of us are happy to make it through another year alive and healthy, others have finally met goals that they’ve been working on for some time. It was a year of firsts, recovery, accomplishments, positivity, and even miracles for these people.

However minor it may seem, no achievement is ever too small to celebrate. On a similar note, successes that come late in life are still successes. These people worldwide are living proof that it’s never too late to dream—and make the dream a reality.

1. “It’s never too late to make a change! I just started skydiving a year ago!”

Source: via Reddit

Wearing her cow costume, this lady didn’t quite jump over the moon, but she did spend Halloween jumping out of a plane. She teaches us that it’s not too late to learn a new skill, hobby, or passion.

2. “My mom has always wanted to go to college. Yesterday, at age 65, was her first day.”

accomplishment for old lady starts college

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Learning doesn’t end when you’re old. This plucky gal looks very excited about her first day. This is indeed a big accomplishment for her. The sign was made by her supportive husband.

3. “My dad is finally out of the hospital.”

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After battling with the coronavirus, this dad was finally able to go home and reunite with his son.

4. “I decided to accept the part of me that I feared for so long. I’ve never been happier with myself and my life.”

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3 years ago, she was ready to take her own life after hiding from herself for so long. 2 years later, she decided to accept her true identity and start again.

5. “First time growing garlic update. We can’t wait until it’s time for harvest.”

accomplishment growing garlic at home

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More and more people are realizing the importance of self-sustainability. This fellow started growing garlic in his backyard. We wish him a bountiful harvest.

6. “My dad is a toy inventor, and after many years of hard work and perseverance, he finally has a product in stores.”

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This toy inventor proves to us that hard work always pays off. After many years of brainstorming, designing, and revisions, his ‘Djubi Slingball’ is finally available in Target.

7. “The chances of us getting pregnant were extremely small. We still did it.”

accomplishment couple conceives

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For some couples, conceiving a baby is very difficult. After several spontaneous abortions, his wife got pregnant. It was the best Christmas present for these two!

8. “Never give up on your dreams!”

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Everyone deserves a chance to make their lives better. People with Down syndrome shouldn’t miss out on opportunities to integrate with society. Leah’s brother is solid proof that there are no excuses when it comes to success.

9. “This is the first time I felt pretty since my freshman year of high school. Baby steps!”

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The things we take for granted every day could be major accomplishments for someone else. After battling depression all her life, she decided to change things. Step one was to dress up nicely on her moving day. Her post got many positive comments from many internet strangers who were kind enough to post words of support and encouragement.

10. “No matter what life has given us, we’ve always found something to smile about. I’m proud to finally call you my wife.”

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After a successful operation for a head injury that could’ve taken his life, he has now married the love of his life.

11. “My wife has epilepsy but our new little girl made it.”

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It’s unimaginably daunting for a mother to carry her daughter while battling her own condition. This must be the happiest day ever for this couple. And for their baby too—just look at her smile!

12. “My son winning the 2-year-old lottery.”

accomplishment 2-year-old lottery

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This little fella won a ticket prize at Chuck E. Cheese, where they have capsules that blow tickets inside. Little Tanner was lucky enough to catch one, and the look on his face is so precious!

13. “My dad at our city’s award ceremony where he won ‘Best French Fries’ in town! You go, Dad!”

accomplishement best fries

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Small businesses like food trucks deserve more recognition. Some of them provide great food at much lower prices than fast-food restaurants can offer. This dad earned himself an award for serving the ‘Best French Fries’ in town, and he couldn’t be any prouder.

14. “My dad decided to start taking care of himself. He’s lost 75 lb this year and I’ve never been prouder of him.”

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For 70 years, this grandpa had neglected his health. Last year he lost 75lbs and is now feeling much younger and healthier. We’re all proud of his accomplishment!

15. “My mama retired as an emergency room nurse yesterday and her coworkers threw her a huge party!!”

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The party banner says it all. Without the hard work of these ER nurses, the pandemic would’ve been impossible to combat. According to her daughter, she was still hesitant to retire since the pandemic isn’t over, but her co-workers convinced her. She has done enough service and deserves a pleasant retirement.

16. “My fiancée and I made it through a long-distance relationship across the world from each other while both maintaining our own individual recovery from addiction.”

accomplishment for couple fights addiction

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Recovery is a long and difficult process. This couple successfully fought their own demons while keeping their relationship strong. Now, they are finally together—healthy and ready for a new life.

17. “My brother achieved his 2020 New Year’s Resolution, and published his first book series. So proud of him!”

accomplishment first book published

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Finding your passion feels like having the key to your purpose in life. Last year, this writer published his first sci-fi horror novel. His supportive brother posted his story on Reddit and people instantly got curious to read it. His book is now available on Amazon.

18. “My daughter finished chemotherapy today!”

accomplishment for baby survives chemotherapy

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It’s heartbreaking to witness your child battling for her life at such a young age. The photo shows Layla, a born fighter who just made it through another session of chemotherapy.

19. “After training for months, my girlfriend ran a marathon on her birthday!”

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Quarantine got a lot of us gaining some weight because of staying at home most of the time. This gal made use of the time to get into shape and train for a marathon. On her birthday, she decided to join one and put herself to the test. She was able to finish her first-ever marathon and is now ready to celebrate her accomplishment!

20. “My college is finally giving our tireless pizza chef the credit he deserves.”

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This man has been serving pizza to college students of John Brown University for most of his life. After years of hard work, he has his own pizzeria. The smile on his face is incomparable.

21. “My 8yo daughter has been growing her hair for nearly 2 years to donate it to a charity. Today was the day she had it cut.”

accomplishment girl donates hair

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Instead of growing it out and styling it in different ways, this young girl from Australia chose to cut and donate her hair to a charity program that will make wigs for people with Alopecia and cancer. She is truly an inspiration for children and adults alike!

Here’s hoping that these wonderful people and their accomplishments will inspire you to set your sights high as well.