Surf’s Up! Brown Bear Is All Smiles As He Cheekily Goes Surfing In His Makeshift Pool

It’s a shame that bears get such a bad rap for being ferocious, when they have such a funny side to them. Of course, we don’t mean that bear attacks can’t cause serious injury or even death, but the fact remains that these animals usually don’t pounce unless provoked. Most bears actually love their peace and quiet. So by respecting their space and practicing proper etiquette in the wild, you can end a bear encounter on a safe note.

However, not all bear encounters happen in the great outdoors. Some bears – like the big guy right below – love to spend their time getting their surf on! You read that right, and it’s about time you met Bruiser, the adorable brown bear who’s living the best life ever.

Brown Bear Gets His Surf On…Watch As He Flashes A Grin For The Cameras!

Wild bears are known to play by the riverbank. They absolutely love it when they can splash around without a care in the world. But sadly, due to hunting and deforestation, those once happy days of idling away by the water are no longer that easy to come by.

Fortunately, there are organizations like Single Vision, Inc., that fight to save these animals from becoming endangered. The Florida-based wildlife conservation group has taken in several animals whose habitats are threatened. With the help of volunteers and donors, they’ve managed to provide loving homes for a variety of endangered animals.

One of their most beloved rescues is Bruiser, a male brown bear. Since he was a cub, Bruiser has loved taking a dip in the pool. He always makes sure to bring his favorite surfboard with him.

Wait, what now? A brown bear on a surfboard? That’s got to be a joke, right?

Well, we’re really happy to say that it’s not. In fact, Bruiser has proven himself to be quite the skilled surfer. Like a little kid, he can’t help but feel all giddy and excited at the mere sight of his makeshift pool and board.

In the video below, Bruiser catches one of the volunteers recording him. Once he hears his name, he turns to the camera to give the cheekiest of smiles!

It’s safe to say that Bruiser is living the high life. You can watch him jump back and forth in the pool below. Trust us, this big guy is sure to bring a smile to your face! Remember to spread the good vibes by sharing this post with your family and friends.

[Article Source: singlevisioninc ]