Baby Panda Gets In Trouble When Keeper Returns Him To His Mama

If there’s a dream job we all want, it’s to be a panda keeper. Who wouldn’t want to be with cute, cuddly pandas all day? Thanks to the insane amount of online content about pandas, we’ve all probably seen how extremely playful and adorable these animals can be.

An institute that specializes in caring for these beautiful creatures is the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. This non-profit organization is located in Chengdu, in the Sichuan region of China. This is where conservation, breeding, research and education about pandas and other rare animals take place. Having started out with only 6 rescued pandas, the facility has been able to breed hundreds of them over the years.

Though most of the interesting stuff is done inside the research facility, it’s the behind-the-scenes antics of the pandas themselves that have our attention!

A video from the institute involves a panda cub that was just casually hanging out in his cage.

Cheng Lan is probably the cutest baby panda you will ever see. In the video, he’s taking his tiny steps on the concrete floor as one of the employees goes through her daily cleaning routine. She continues to fiddle with the hose, not seeming to mind that the baby panda is out on the loose. Not that he poses any danger. A ball of fluff like that can’t cause any kind of harm!

But there is someone mighty concerned about Cheng Lan being out of his cage. It’s none other than his panda mom.

Cheng Da, the mom, remains behind the big metal bars, obviously wanting to get a hold of her cub. She tries to reach out to him by heading down the end of the cage, but has no luck. She’s too big to fit through the openings.

All she can do is pace back and forth in hopes of being noticed by the busy worker lady. If she had a sign, it would probably read, “Notice me. I need help.”

Finally, the worker somehow senses the panda mom’s distress. She casually grabs the little cub and pushes him through the bars and back to his mother. From the looks of it, she seems to be used to this scenario. The baby panda probably got out of the pen in the same manner.

As if she can’t wait to scold her son, Cheng Da waits right there until Cheng Lan is safely put back. She then grabs him by his fur and carries him away from the bars to the far end of the pen. You can tell that this baby panda is going to get a good scolding!

It’s unclear what actually happened to the baby panda after he’s dragged away by his raging mother.

The panda mom sits with her back to the camera, covering little Chen Lan in the process. We’ll never know. But the next day, he’ll likely end up walking freely again.

Since the video went up, viewers have been quite eager to imagine possible conversations between the mommy and baby panda. Mostly, it’s like any other human parent-child interaction.

One of them wrote:

“She’s like ‘how many times I have to tell u not to play outside when they’re cleaning.’”

Another YouTube user came up with a hilarious conversation.

“Baby : mom, look I am exploring the world
Mom : now explore the corner”

But this comment is probably the most relatable of all:

“You could just make out as mom was dragging him, ‘just you wait till your dad gets home!’ And the cub says ‘but moooooooommmmmmmmm!’”

Not surprisingly, this baby panda video has over 32 million views from around the world! Just goes to show how much people love pandas. Click on the video below to witness the cuteness.

[Article Source: pandapia HD/YouTube ]