31 Baby Animals That Are Too Cute To Resist

However grown-up we may consider ourselves, there’s a part of us that will always remain young and have enormous appreciation for cute things—especially cute baby animals. There’s nothing more adorable than baby ducks, giraffes, elephants, and deer, you name it! There’s just something so fascinating about their innocence.

All animals go through the same stages of life: birth, growth, reproduction, and death. But for every species, the age of reaching maturity is different. This has a lot to do with the animal’s lifespan and size. For instance, a kitten is considered a baby for around a year, but it can take 20 years for an elephant to be considered mature. And as far as humans go…well, some of us tend to remain kids for most of our lives (if you know what I mean)!

Being a pet owner myself, I never miss a chance to capture the early kitten stages of my cats. That curiosity, that clumsiness, and those wide eyes are enough to make anyone melt. You’re probably itching for those cute animal photos already. We’ve collected only the most adorable ones that will definitely lift your mood and spirits!

1. The Cutest Baby Poodle

An interesting fact about puppies is that they’re born deaf and blind. They aren’t able to see their mothers until they turn two weeks old. Until then, they rely on their cute little noses to find their mama and feed.

2. Little Baby Hawk

Baby hawks are called “eyas.” Hawks are said to be the most intelligent birds and have incredible eyesight. The hawk parents take care of their young and feed them with lizards and insects until they are independent enough to leave their nest.

3. Baby Ducklings In The Garden

It’s hard to believe that these bright yellow ducklings were born without feathers. As they grow up, ducklings develop their own cool, waterproof feathers just like their parents.

4. Baby Prairies on The Loose

Yes, these are baby prairies or pups, not squirrels. When they grow up, they will be greeting other adult prairies with a little kiss or nuzzle. This is something very distinct about the prairie community.

5. Sshhh… The Baby Fox Is Asleep

Did you know that these little cubs grow up eating just about anything, from berries to spiders and even jam sandwiches? They even behave more like cats than dogs. They are nocturnal animals and can be very playful.

6. Meet Mr. Little Tortoise.

Even though this hatchling looks angry, he is already a strong, independent little fella. Tortoise mothers don’t care for their young after they hatch, so this kiddo has to fend for himself.

7. Just a balled-up baby otter saying, “Hi!”

This baby otter will drink milk from his mother until he is big enough to eat plants and small fishes. Ironically, baby otters are afraid of water and have to be dragged by their mothers. But once they get the hang of it, their mothers have to drag them out like human kids past their playtime!

8. Some bunny loves you!

Rabbits are known to give birth to a lot of babies. A baby rabbit is called a “kit,” and like a cat, it purrs when it feels relaxed. This one definitely wants some good petting and cuddling.

9. Just a baby raccoon up a tree

Like a baby kangaroo, a baby raccoon is called a “joey.” It’s hard to tell if he’s gathering fruits or already contemplating about his life.

10. A Curious Baby Skunk

Kits or baby skunks are born blind with their eyes sealed shut until they turn three weeks old. This one is already wide-eyed and curious about the world.

11. Some Badass Baby Stingrays

A female stingray can give birth to about 13 baby stingrays or pups like these in one litter. Stingrays may not be the first to come to mind when you think of cute baby animals, but these guys do make you smile!

12. Thumb Frog

An exotic yellow-green baby frog to brighten up your day. An interesting fact about frogs: they absorb water through their skin, so they don’t need to drink.

13. Baby Blue Bird

In general, baby birds leave their nests before they mature so they can learn basic survival skills.

14. Baby Seal Taking a Bath

This baby seal got startled by the camera. Did you know that seals can sleep underwater? Some adult seals can even hold their breath underwater for two hours!

15. I bet you’ve never seen a baby octopus.

When baby octopuses hatch, they are called larvae. As scary as it sounds, they eat other animal larvae until they grow up.

16. A Baby Croc Enjoying A Good Scratch

This baby crocodile is having the time of his life. It’s known that mother crocodiles carry their hatchlings in their mouths as they swim.

17. Baby Giraffe Poses For His School ID

Like cows, baby giraffes are called calves. It might sound strange, but calves drop to the ground as their mothers give birth while standing up.

18. Yes, it’s a baby chameleon.

Unlike other animals, baby chameleons are up-and-running seconds after coming out of their eggs. The mothers don’t have maternal instincts, so they don’t care for their babies at all. But who wouldn’t want to take care of these cute creatures?

19. Another baby duckling to make your day

Looks like someone wants to be taken home with you!

20. Baby Snakes Hatching One by One

Baby snakes are also able to fend for themselves right after being hatched. Because of their size, they are quite difficult to spot.

21. Follow the leader.

There is more to baby elephants than just their cuteness. As depicted in the picture, a baby elephant relies heavily on its mother for everything. The mothers teach them how to use their trunks for feeding and drinking.

22. “I wasn’t ready!”

Platypus infants are about the size of a lima bean when they are born. Their mothers nurse them until they can swim on their own and make poses like this.

23. About to get attacked by a cute kitten.

Kittens can truly melt hearts with their cuteness. These baby animals are like sponges as they grow up. They mimic their mother’s behavior and actions and then learn to socialize with fellow cats. For humans, it is advisable to start bonding with cats in these early stages.

24. Baby Joey Doesn’t Seem Too Comfy.

Joeys like this one are known to stay and snuggle safely in their mother’s pouch for six months until they’re ready to leave and hop freely.

25. Baby Hamster Arrested For Being Too Cute

The only crime this baby hamster committed is being too adorable to handle. They start eating solid foods like fruits and seeds at around 14-15 days.

26. A Fierce Baby Jaguar

Baby jaguars are taught by their mother to hunt when they are barely six months old. As you can see, this one already has the hunter in him. After two years, he can go off on his own.

27. In Love With A Baby Lovebird

Lovebirds are known to have only one partner for the rest of their lives. This means that this little fella sprung from a monogamous relationship between two lovers.

28. Li’l Cow in The Hood Yo!

This baby cow is either cold or dropping his next rap album. Calves have temporary baby teeth that are replaced by permanent teeth as they age.

29. A Smiling Baby Dolphin

No, they’re not called “cuties” (though they sure look the part). Baby dolphins are called calves, and they stay under mama’s watch for 3-6 years.

30. A Photogenic Baby Deer

Baby deer or fawns are undeniably cute creatures with spindly legs, polka dots (around 300 of them), and tiny twitching tails. Most fawns are born between May and June.

31. A Late Halloween Greeting From A Baby Sloth

Baby sloths are very clingy to their mothers. And although they spend most of their lives hanging out in trees, they learn how to swim as babies.

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