Daddy’s Home! Watch This Precious Little Girl Running To See Her Soldier Dad

We all have a soft spot for soldier homecoming videos. The sight of our brave men-in-uniform returning home to their loved ones never fails to make us smile, and perhaps shed a happy tear. This particular homecoming video, though, is by far the cutest we’ve seen!

The extraordinary men and women who serve in our armed forces give up everything for the sake of their country. Their overseas duties keep them far away from their homes and families for most of the year. Seldom do our soldiers have the time to pay personal attention to their kids and to other important events in life.

Despite these hardships, our brave soldiers continue to serve and protect us while asking for nothing in return. This is why we just can’t help but love soldier homecoming videos like the one below. It centers on a sweet girl who gets the surprise of her life when a normal trip to the airport turns out to be a reunion she never saw coming!

Soldier Dad Surprises His Lovely Little Girl At The Airport

Some things in this world just never get old, and soldier homecoming videos are definitely one of them.

Many soldiers return home after significant lengths of time. Their time overseas often ranges from six months to a whole year. So there’s no question about it – their homecomings have got to be celebrated in the most extravagant of ways!

This little girl was about to experience the surprise of her life when her daddy returned from duty. The special day started on a high note when Momma took her little princess to the airport to see the planes take off. Sure enough, the little one was more than happy to check out the giant flying machines. But little did she know that there was something far more special than an airplane waiting for her at the airport.

As it turns out, daddy was waiting for her with open arms! Her soldier dad had to leave for training a while back. It must have been rough for him to be away from his family but we can assume that seeing his daughter’s face light up would’ve been enough to make all that stress disappear.

You can watch the adorable moment as it unfolds below. If you enjoyed this homecoming surprise as much as we did, please click that share button to send some smiles to your family and friends.

[Article Source: Poke My Heart ]