Two Siblings Started A Cat Rescue Shelter In Romania, Saved Over 200 Abandoned Cats In 3 Years

We’ve always been told that a small act of kindness goes a long way. Here to prove this in the most heartwarming way possible, are two selfless siblings from Romania. They decided to set up a cat rescue shelter in their city of Carei, in the Satu Mare region of Romania. What happened next will melt your heart.

We all know that stray animals are a big issue for most cities. These animals are mostly abandoned on the street by their owners and are forced to hunt for their food and seek shelter in unsanitary places. Because of this, some of them catch diseases and eventually die of starvation and sickness.

This brother and sister from Romania have had cats since they were little.

3 Years Ago, They Began Rescuing Cats in Their City And Nearby Villages.

Source: Furever Home – Romania Cat Rescue/Facebook

They’ve spayed/neutered over 200 rescued cats and more than 30 dogs over the past 3 years.

They’ve Provided Food, Shelter, And Medication To These Animals From Their Own Pocket.

The siblings cook for the animals and ensure that they buy only the best and healthiest cat food.

Most of The Cats Were Found On The Streets and In Abandoned Buildings.

Some Of Them Were Left Behind By Their Previous Owners.

It’s really sad to think that some owners can leave their pets without giving them a new home. The very idea that these cats and dogs can survive on their own is cruel. Just like humans, animals also have feelings and rights.

As Of Now, The Romanian Siblings Are Taking Care Of 188 Cats And 8 Puppies.

We wonder if they all have names and if the siblings have them all memorized. We can only imagine the scene when it’s feeding time, and everyone comes meowing, running, and jumping all over the place. Thankfully, there’s a YouTube video to satisfy our curiosity. It’s quite a sight when you’re ‘Feeding 188 cats that were all rescued!’

Some Of The Cats Are Very Sick And Have Dietary Restrictions.

What Started As An Act Of Kindness Turned Into A Non-Profit Organization Called ‘Furever Home.’

Furever Home Is Knocking On Our Hearts For Help.

It’s winter, and the rescue shelter is quite crowded. But sadly, the siblings cannot afford to rescue any more animals in this cold season. According to their Facebook post, they spend at least 10,000 lei (more than $2500) a month on food and other supplies needed to care for all of the rescued animals. At this rate, their earnings can’t sustain their monthly expenses.

They Mostly Need Help To Provide Cat Food For Our Furry Friends.

They Are Also Looking For Responsible New Parents For The Rescued Cats.

Besides donations, they look for responsible cat lovers who will adopt and give these cats a forever home. They will only allow reliable people with an adoption contract and visitation rights to ensure that the cats will be cared for and not abandoned again.

The World Is Cruel, But We Don’t Have To Be.

By adopting, donating, or even just spreading the word about Furever Home, we can make a massive difference in these cats’ lives. We hope that they can all find a loving home and remain healthy and happy for a long time.

The story of this small rescue shelter teaches us that kindness and compassion are not dead. We can all contribute to lessening the world’s suffering by doing little good deeds that have a meaningful impact. The world needs more people like these Romanian siblings—people who care enough to do something to help.

To reach out to the rescue shelter, you may visit their website or Facebook page. You can also subscribe to their Patreon or YouTube channel for updates. Share this article to spread the news and get more people to help.

[Article Source: FureverHome Romania Cat Rescue ]