Tourist Plays A Public Piano And Surprises Everyone With His Jaw-Dropping Skills

True Talent Is Never Missed.

Public pianos are an excellent opportunity for those who just want to try out their piano skills. However, it’s rare to see a pianist so skilled that he can get the crowd to stop and listen.

This video clip starts with a man visiting a San Francisco mall to play on an open piano.


His name is Lucien Lu and he wears many hats. Lu is a videographer who manages his own production business.

Besides being well-versed in small and large-scale video production projects, he is also a skilled pianist.

Lu runs a YouTube channel called: “EasyPianoHacks.” This youtube channel is where he uploads piano tutorials and playing tips for beginners and hobbyists. You can also enjoy piano covers of popular classics by Beethoven and Chopin. We all know those aren’t easy pieces.

In this clip, we can see how Lu pulled out all the stops to entertain shoppers at the mall.

It was during peak mall hours that Lu showed up and sat at the white Yamaha piano placed at the center of the mall.

Right from the start, you can feel his confidence radiating! For his first piece, Lu played Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu. He hit every note with perfection, grace, and confidence. Even so, only a few people were stopping by to listen.

He then decided to add a little twist.

Lu picked a tune that would certainly catch the attention of Marvel fans—the original theme song of The Avengers.

One by one, the shoppers started crowding around him when they recognized what he was playing. Pretty soon, all eyes were on him. Lu’s momentum grew but so did his nervousness. He later revealed in the video description that he made some mistakes, but truth be told, they were barely noticeable.

For his last piece, he performed his own rendition of the music from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The crowd was entertained, to say the least. Their eyes were glued to Lu as he performed his last song.

Pirates fans would’ve been quite nostalgic hearing him play.

Lu made his version of the piece but still managed to keep the original elements. He went all-out in his performance, which resulted in a fantastic five-minute show.

He also pulled off an unexpected ending for the medley’s finale.

Lu’s fingers seamlessly moved across the piano keys. Every note was an exhilarating sound.

The song continued to build up with every swift movement of his fingers. As a final stunt, he closed the performance with a piano butt bomb. Cheers and applause burst forth from all corners of the mall. Even those who were watching from the upper floor joined in. Since the video was posted on Lu’s YouTube channel, it has gained 18,000 views.

Lu also offers private piano lessons online. This video alone proves that he is equipped with the skills to teach.

To watch his full performance, check out the video below.

[Article Source: EasyPianoHacks/Youtube ]