High School Teachers Put Up An Epic Performance At Students Assembly

Teaching is a difficult – and often thankless – profession. But some teachers own it! We chanced upon this group of high school teachers who prove beyond doubt that they’re rock stars in every sense of the word.

Managing a class full of rowdy kids is no mean feat. But so many teachers rise to the challenge and prove that they’re awesome. They make sure every student is looked out for, and strive until they bring out the very best from their whole class. They’re also the most understanding people on the planet, even if they have to offer some “tough love” every once in a while.

The student’s never knew the teachers had moves like this. They’re really getting down.

Teacher dances to uptown funk

YouTube Screenshot

That said, it’s always heartwarming to see teachers let their hair down sometimes. Take the faculty members at Whitmer High School, for example. This happy bunch didn’t think twice about putting up a spectacular show for their students. The result? A performance the whole campus isn’t likely to forget anytime soon.

In this clip uploaded on YouTube, the principal of Whitmer High School can be seen talking to the crowd before the Homecoming football game. But just when everyone’s thinking it’s going to be a regular announcement, something surprising happens.

One by one, teachers interrupt the principal and ask him to take a seat. All of a sudden, the Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson hit ‘Uptown Funk’ starts blasting on the stereo. For those of you who haven’t heard it, the Grammy-winning track features the unforgettable hook “Don’t believe me just watch!”

The lyrics couldn’t be any more fitting for this performance. The students just can’t believe their eyes as they watch the entire gymnasium fill up with faculty members. To add to their amusement, two fluffy mascots join in on the fun. Soon enough, the whole court is filled with lively dancers all grooving to Bruno Mars.

Perhaps the highlight of the clip comes when the faculty leaves space in the middle for an impromptu dance-off. One by one, teachers and even members of the school security join in to showcase their unique moves. The showstopper has to be the one guy who does the worm. The crowd loves his bold dance moves, and loud roars and cheers erupt as he flops up and down to the music.

Watch the video below to see these high school teachers dance their hearts out. The ending has a little surprise with one teacher hopping in and doing the worm which really gets the crowd going.

[Article Source: Punsalan Productions ]