You’ve Got A Friend In Me! This Sweet Promposal Will Brighten Up Your Day

You’ll meet a lot of people in your life, but they’ll never replace the friends you made in high school. You were there for each other throughout those awkward pubescent years, you’re very comfortable talking to each other about your personal lives, and each of you has that one folder on your computer with all your hilariously embarrassing photos together!

Staying close with your high school friends even after you’ve graduated says a lot about who you are. For a lot of us, life gets in the way of keeping in touch with old friends. This means that if you do have your best buds around even when high school is long over, you can consider yourself among the luckiest people on the planet!

Rachel Newberry and her close pal Ben Robinson may still be a year shy of graduation, but these two have all the makings of a lifelong friendship. And it was Rachel’s grand gesture that’s making these two best friends go viral.

This Promposal Video is Guaranteed to Make You Smile From Ear to Ear

Every year we see a promposal video that makes us smile. But Rachel Newberry and Ben Robinson’s story is made extra special thanks to a friendship that goes way back.

The teens, who go to Mountain Heritage High School in Burnsville, North Carolina, have known each other their whole lives. The two met in Sunday school and immediately took a liking to one another. Ben was the one person that Rachel could count on, while Rachel always went out of her way to make Ben feel welcome.

Their friendship is so special that Rachel didn’t know that Ben had Down Syndrome for the longest time.

“I guess someone told me eventually and explained it,” Rachel said.

After learning more about Ben’s condition, Rachel continued to stay close to him over the years. As they approached senior prom season, Rachel decided to plan an elaborate promposal that’s bound to stay with them forever. Luckily for us, the whole moment was captured on video.

With Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” playing in the background, Ben entered the auditorium. He was given rose after rose until Rachel appeared with a big sign asking him to be her prom date. Ben responded with a big “yes!” and later burst into happy tears.

You can watch the touching moment as it happens below. Don’t you think Rachel and Ben’s friendship is the sweetest thing ever?

[Article Source: CBS Evening News ]