Soldier Is Reunited With Military Dog After Spending 3 Years Apart, Their Reunion Is Bringing The Internet To Tears

Whenever you see your dog at the groomers or your cat at the vet, you always seem to recognize them in a sea of animals that look exactly the same. The color of their coat, the shape of their face, or the way that they move, tends to be etched in your mind. But in the midst of all this, you may find yourself wondering if your pet is able to recognize you in the same manner.

Animals can tell humans apart by analyzing their scent, sound, and subtle cues of movement. This is why it feels so great when an animal acknowledges you. So the next time your dog greets you, take a minute to marvel at how carefully they must’ve observed you.

The story you’re about to read highlights the power of animal senses and memory. After spending three years apart, a nervous soldier waits anxiously to be reunited with his four-legged partner. So will the military dog be able to recognize his human pal? His response is going to bring a smile to your face.

After 3 Years Apart, A Soldier And His Military Dog Are Finally Reunited

United States Army Specialist Vance McFarland has spent a majority of his time serving in Afghanistan alongside Ikar, a Czech shepherd. Together, the two treaded on dangerous waters, detecting explosive devices and keeping fellow soldiers and innocent bystanders out of harm’s way.

But Ikar was more than just a partner in the field. Despite all the hardships that came their way, the military dog gave McFarland the feeling that he was never alone. The soldier would later describe his relationship with Ikar as “almost like having a little bit of home”.

Sadly, the two were separated when Ikar’s services were no longer needed in Afghanistan. The poor dog was sheltered for 17 months, away from McFarland. The latter didn’t know if he would ever see his best friend again.

Vance had high hopes that his old buddy would remember him after 3 years and that he did!

That was when Mission K9 Rescue stepped in.

Kristen Maurer, the president of the organization, worked extra hard to free Ikar and other dogs who had met the same fate. Maurer believed that these dogs were heroes and deserved to treated as such.

McFarland received word about Ikar’s whereabouts and immediately sought out to adopt him. He waited anxiously at the airport, wondering if his old partner would still recognize the sound of his voice. Sure enough, Ikar came speeding through the airport gates and into McFarland’s arms. It was a great retirement gift indeed!

You can watch the heartwarming moment and learn what’s next for Ikar below. Remember to share this post to remind everyone about the bravery of our soldiers and the four-legged warriors that serve alongside them.

[Article Source: USA Today ]