Sleepy Baby Girl Just Won’t Go To Bed Until She Finishes Her Spaghetti

Remember how your mom would make you finish your dinner before you could play or watch TV? Well, we’ve discovered a certain tiny tot who would make every mom on earth proud! Because you see, even as she struggles to keep her eyes open, this sleepy baby girl makes sure she finishes her pasta.

What’s better than a cute baby? Even though they can barely construct a whole sentence, babies are great fun to watch because they remind us of all things pure and innocent in this world. And of course, they can make us laugh when nothing else can.

Do you love watching funny baby videos in your spare time? So do we. Which is precisely how we landed upon this little gem.

You know that feeling after work or school when you get home and can barely stay awake? Well, this sleepy baby girl can relate to that. She can hardly keep her eyes open during dinner!

The baby girl you’ll meet in the video is in the middle of what appears to be her favorite spaghetti meal. But despite the sweet smell of spaghetti, she continues to fall deeper and deeper into sleep. Lucky for us, mom; Katelyn Pritchard, caught the hilarious episode on video and can be heard laughing in the background as she continues to record her baby girl.

It isn’t quite clear if this bundle of joy has actually fallen asleep or not, but it sure looks entertaining. Maybe she’s done something like this before because as soon as mom takes away the dishes, she automatically springs back into life. Now, that’s multitasking at its finest!

When this little girl grows older, she’ll learn to do more things on her own, such as getting dressed or pouring herself a bowl of cereal during breakfast. We’re sure her parents will miss watching her get into messy situations like this. But until that happens, her mom can record more of these unforgettable moments, and entertain us all in the process!

If you do decide to check this out, be prepared to laugh because this one had us in stitches. Sleeping and eating spaghetti can be messy, but this little girl makes it look like great fun.

[Article Source: Katelyn Pritchard ]