She Covers Fleetwood Mac, And It’s So Good You’ll Want To Listen To It Over And Over

Ever since TikTok user “DoggFace” took over the internet with his cranberry juice-drinking, skateboarding video, Fleetwood Mac’s iconic song “Dreams” has made a huge comeback.

Nashville-based singer Lanie Gardner, an avid fan of the band, shows how she made her musical dreams come true through this song.

In October, Lanie uploaded a video on TikTok and YouTube, covering the band’s famous song, “Dreams.”

She drank cranberry juice to get rid of the nerves.

Following the now-iconic “DoggFace,” she took a gulp of cranberry juice as a starting ritual. She seems to be a natural on camera. No fancy setting or lights, just a girl on her bed ready to sing her favorite song.

She sounds so much like Stevie Nicks herself!

When she started singing, it was hard to believe that it was her actual voice. She sounded so much like Stevie Nicks. People even thought she was lip-syncing. She sang so flawlessly. Sometimes, you can even hear a bit of Miley Cyrus in her voice. Her tone matches the song so perfectly.

Fleetwood Mac is an 80s music icon.

A British-American rock band, Fleetwood Mac, became famous during the late 70’s with their self-titled album, “Rumors” which reached No. 1 in the United States. The album sold over 40 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling albums in history. It includes the trending song ,“Dreams” which has now made its way back to the top 100 hit charts.

Lanie’s Fleetwood Mac cover got 3 million views on YouTube!

It’s no surprise that Lanie’s cover now has more than 3 million views on her YouTube account. As expected, the video is flooding with comments: most of what viewers have to say are praises for this talented young woman.

Jeff Tee wrote, “The way she looks into the camera at certain moments is just so personal. It’s like she made this video just for me. You can also feel how much she loves the song, especially the lyrics, as she anticipates and feels every word right before she sings it.”

It’s true how closely connected she is to the song. It’s as if she is meant to sing it, and she made it her own.

Another user expressed his admiration for her talent by saying: “No fancy camera shots, no outrageous statement makeup, no million dollar edit. Just pure joy to watch someone sing with their entire being for the love of a song. 1 shot. 1 take. Mega talent. Thanks for giving this to the world. It’s alchemy for ageing.”

Lanie showed her real, raw talent.

She caught the attention of big names in the music industry.

Aside from the countless fans  amazed by her powerful voice, Lanie also won praise from Mick Fleetwood himself! Again, her talent didn’t go unnoticed; this time, Kevin Jonas Sr., the Jonas Brothers’ father. He was so impressed by her performance that he had her sign up as the Jonas Group Entertainment’s newest talent.

Go ahead and watch Lanie’s rendition of “Dreams.”

[Article Source: Lanie Gardner/YouTube ]