People Share Surreal Photos Of Snow In Spain After Biggest Blizzard In 50 Years

It’s still the peak of winter, and while other Northern countries are used to experiencing snowfall and even snowstorms every year, Spain hasn’t received much snow in the past 50 years. However, the weather there took a sudden turn when a massive snowstorm named Filomena hit the country. 

The havoc caused by Filomena disrupted transportation and the overall day-to-day lives of people, particularly in Madrid. Major roads, railroads, and the city’s airport, Barajas, was closed. Rivers in the southern regions of the country started overflowing. Some towns were flooded. And besides the property damage, the storm unfortunately also took people’s lives.

Four people have been reported dead—two of them found frozen in Zarzalejo and Catalayun, and two others swept away by a flash food in Malaga. It was a challenging start of the year for Spain. Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the country’s interior minister, called Filomena “the most intense storm in the last 50 years.”

The storm also caused people to hit the streets and take photos of how it affected their daily lives. These photos reveal how the Spanish people and even the animals experienced the snow-covered roads and landscapes.

#1 There Is Beauty Even In A Storm.

#2 Snow-Covered Parks In Spain Are Drawing Crowds.

#3 All The Cars Are Covered With Heaps of Snow.

Aside from the photos, people from Spain also shared exactly how the storm surprised them. ESL teacher and diversity educator Dani Molinero is one of them. In an interview with BoredPanda, he said, “I am from the Basque Country, north of Spain, [and] the weather is usually warm and rainy [at this time of year].” He further explained, “[It] rarely snows. But the storm has hit this place very hard. I am a teacher, and school is canceled until next week, probably. This [looks like] the biggest snowfall ever in the history of my city.”

#4 As A Consequence, Many Trees Fell And Buried The Residents’ Cars.

#5 Many Roads Are Blocked, And It Has Become Almost Impossible To Drive.

#6 For Some People, It Was A Chance To Showcase Their Art.

#7 Igloos Popped Up In The Middle of Spain’s Snowy Streets.

#8 This Cat Seems To Enjoy The Feeling of Snow On Her Paws.

The Reddit user who shared this photo of Ragnar de Naoki Boeing (aka Naoki) playing in the snow lives in Paracuellos in the outskirts of Madrid. He shared, “The weather here is usually cold, dry winters and scorching summers. It’s not unusual to have a cold winter with temperatures that range from 0 to 5 or 10 degrees on the ‘hottest’ days. It usually snows once every couple of years, but it won’t even stay on the ground.” 

The 31-year-old has never experienced a snowstorm like Filomena. “Of course there has been some snow in the past, and in 2009 we had a big snowfall as well, but nothing compared to this. It was normal these days to see people skiing on the streets, which was crazy. Traffic has been a nightmare, and the government has been issuing warnings about the storm, but everything has collapsed either way,” he explained.

“I work at the airport, and though the news is that it is working as of now, the truth is that normal operation is a nightmare, and the ice and snow patches are hard to dissolve, which complicates everything,” he also added. “The situation won’t go back to normal for at least one or two weeks from now, which is crazy, considering that we are supposedly living in a ‘rich’ country.”

#9 Even The Cows Joined The Snow Hype!

#10 The Deep Snow Is No Match For This Little Pupper, Though!

#11 The Depth Of The Snow In Spain Is Unreal…

Spain’s capital, Madrid, experienced over 50cm (20 inches) of snow between Friday and Saturday. The temperature dropped to -8°C (18°F), which alarmed meteorologists about the snowfall amount that could still hit the country. They sent out early warnings to the public that this could be very dangerous.

The Spanish government had taken the necessary measures to face the unusual snowstorm. The country is also scheduled to ship about 300,000 coronavirus vaccines to the regional health authorities, which will still be carried out via police-escorted convoys.

#12 When Your Car Is Buried Under 50cm of Snow, Snowboarding To Work Becomes The New Norm.

The snowstorm also didn’t stop doctors and other medical workers from fulfilling their duties as front liners during this pandemic. Some of them were forced to abandon their cars and walk to work. Alvaro Sanchez, a doctor, took to social media to share his journey of walking 17km (10 miles) for 2 hours to get to the hospital he works at. Two nurses, Paco and Monica, also shared how they walked for 22km (14 miles).

#13 People Are Coming Out With Their Ski Equipment Too.

#14 It Seems Like Adults Are Enjoying The Snow As Much As The Kids.

#15 Just Another Giant Snowman On The Streets of Madrid!

#16 Fast Transportation Through The Capital…

#17 “Let’s Make The Biggest Snowball Ever!”

#18 Madrid Instantly Became A Mountain Resort.

#19 A Compilation Of How People Are Making The Most Of This Spanish Snowfall:

Snow can really bring out the child in us. The recent snowstorm opened up many possibilities that aren’t usually available during Spanish winters. For instance, people gathered in the streets for snowball fights. Some decided it would be fun to dress up in Red Army uniforms. One person was crazy enough to wear a Pikachu costume! Another guy took it as far as dog sledding in the streets.

#20 And By Everyone Stepping Out, We Mean Everyone.

#21 Who Wouldn’t Want To Witness This Picturesque Scene?

#22 Snowy Spain Is A Winter Wonderland.

#23 Snow White All Around!

#24 Taking A Stroll Has Never Been This Beautiful.

#25 Beautiful Though It Is, Everyone Should Be Careful.

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