Let It Go…The Remix! The Internet Is IN LOVE With This Father-Daughter Cover Of ‘Let It Go’

Listening to a daddy-daughter duet is the most beautiful thing in the world. There’s something about it that immediately brings up fond memories of times we spent with our own dads. But before you plunge headfirst into nostalgia, check out this adorable video courtesy of dad Billy and the apple of his eye, Blakely! It’s a clip that has captured hearts all over the internet and once you see it, you’ll know exactly why.

Dad And Daughter’s “Let It Go” Remix Is The Sweetest Duet On The Internet

The Disney movie Frozen has captured the imagination of the young and the young at heart. Children from around the world are often seen on camera, dressed up like Elsa the Ice Queen while belting out the film’s most memorable tunes.

Speaking of memorable tunes, who can ever forget “Let It Go”? That multi-award winning track has a whole generation of fans. And it’s easy to see why it’s become such a global phenomenon. Aside from inspiring people to find confidence within themselves, the track is as catchy as ever!

Dad Billy and his 3-year-old Blakely agree. In fact, they love “Let It Go” so much, they don’t think twice about belting it out in the car.

The clip below captures one of their jamming sessions in the car. Both Billy and Blakely are seen spending some quality time together, singing an impassioned version of “Let It Go”.

What makes the clip so funny is the fact that they both know the words by heart, and – dare we say it – they perform with even more passion than Queen Elsa herself!

Blakely’s mother Britney Pittman filmed the impromptu singing session. Going viral was the last thing on this mom’s mind. So imagine her shock when she found out that the video had gained as many as 17 million views! After thanking people for loving the clip, Britney also took a moment to assure viewers that the car was safely parked while filming.

Watching the video makes it hard to tell who’s more into the song – Billy or Blakely. The little girl starts off by shyly singing along. But her dad steps in and encourages her like a hype man! “Louder!” he says. And as Blakely starts singing louder, he starts busting out his own dance moves.

You can watch the sweet duet below. If you thought Billy and Blakely did a great job, then please share this post to brighten up someone else’s day!

[Article Source: Britny Pittman ]