Grandpa’s Rendition Of “Dance Monkey” Draws A Large Crowd With His Performance At An Open Piano

There’s a new “Dance Monkey” video on the web, and it’ll have you in splits!

Terry Miles/Youtube

A chart-topping hit by Australian artist Tones and I, “Dance Monkey” has been No. 1 in over 30 countries since it was released in 2019. The original music video has over a billion views on YouTube. In it, we see a stylish grandpa in a pink hat who turns out to be the singer in disguise. He and his grandpa crew came together to create havoc, dance, and just have fun.

The pianist we’ll be meeting today was inspired by this concept and decided to pull the same stunt.

This pianist hails from London and has many tricks up his sleeve. He went to the mall looking like a grandpa and decided to share his talent. It turned out to be quite a funny performance!

He didn’t just come with the looks. He was in character the whole time.

You’d think it’s a typical open piano scenario, but the twist was in his costume and performance. Everyone knew he was a ‘fake’ grandpa, but they just couldn’t take his eyes off him. His charismatic dance moves while playing the piano had everyone hooked.

The man behind the mask is Terry Miles from England. Terry runs a YouTube channel where he regularly posts piano lessons.

“Your Boogie Woogie Piano Teacher,” as he likes to call himself, has 250,000 subscribers to date. Terry also offers a course called “Learn The Best Boogie Woogie Piano” which is available for digital download and in DVD form. According to Terry, this course “explains more how to play Boogie Woogie Piano and shows you how to match up both the left and right hands so they can ‘marry’ and play together.” All of this is just an email away.

His YouTube videos showcase his authentic piano skills along with his iconic hairstyle and red sunglasses.

In this video, Terry starts by walking towards the piano in a grandpa-like fashion, using his umbrella as a cane.

Once he’s on the piano seat, people stop and start to gather around him, somehow already expecting a mind-blowing performance. The grandpa persona sure made them curious!

The audience wasn’t just treated to Terry’s incredible piano skills—his monkey dance added a quirky energy to his performance.

At one point in the video, he gets up, stomps his feet, and starts jumping up and down. Impressively, he’s still able to play in a flawless fashion!

By now, Terry is in his element. The crowd begins clapping to the catchy beat of the song. This only urges him to rev things up even more.

It’s clear that everyone there was hyped and in high spirits until the end of Terry’s little show. We’re sure many of them would’ve done the monkey dance on their way home!

“Dance Monkey” holds the record for being No. 1 for the longest time on the Australian singles chart.

It ranked sixth globally among digital singles of 2019.
Whoever stopped by to watch Terry that day was probably already familiar with “Dance Monkey”.
We can only imagine how hilarious it would be if a real grandpa had come by to steal his thunder!

Since Terry’s video hit YouTube, it has gained more than 15 million views!

For more public performances like this one, you can check out his YouTube channel, Terry Miles. His content is quite interesting and humorous.

[Article Source: Terry Miles/Youtube ]