Dad And Daughter Tandem Captivates Everyone With Their Kitchen Salsa Dance

When kids get the dance bug, there’s no turning back. And sometimes, just sometimes, it results in some jaw-dropping kitchen salsa!

Kids never fail to surprise us with their energy. When they really feel like dancing, the whole house becomes their stage! Things can get quite overwhelming for parents, especially if your kid chooses someplace dangerous to show off those moves! 

For a little girl named Emma, the kitchen counter was the dance floor. Her mother, Paola, came home to this sight one day. But instead of getting mad and telling her little one to come down right away, Paola immediately grabbed her phone to capture the special moment. And boy, are we glad she did!

It turns out, Emma was dancing the kitchen salsa with her dad.

kitchen salsa by dad and daughter


Apparently, Emma’s dad Alberto was the culprit. They were just listening to salsa music at first, but soon enough, they couldn’t resist moving to the rhythm. Alberto decided to put Emma on the kitchen counter so they could continue their dance fest.

Alberto sings along as both of them bring out their best dance moves. For a little girl, she sure has some big talent!

Emma is a real stunner. She has a big, bright smile that she carries all through their short dance number. Her father is the one keeping up with her sassy salsa moves.

For her age, Emma already has some amazing dance moves.

At one point, Emma sees her mom filming them and instantly points at her. This little one knows that her mom’s quite proud of her. It doesn’t matter that she’s in her pajamas and on top of a kitchen counter! She owns the setting like a true performer. 

After filming their precious kitchen salsa, Paola decided to post the video on her Instagram account. She put the caption: “I’m a #princess not because I have a prince, but because my father is a #king!”

It couldn’t be any truer! Alberto is the king of salsa, and Emma is the real dancing princess. Their special kitchen salsa moment proves the close relationship they have as father and daughter. As for Emma’s dancing journey, well, this is clearly just the start!

Since it was posted on Paola’s Instagram account, this kitchen salsa video has gained 500,000 views.

I know. I’m also wondering if I can see more dance clips featuring this dad and daughter duo. Luckily, Emma and her dad are still active on their kitchen counter dance floor!

Little Emma has her own Instagram now. You can find her latest dance performances on @emmadancequeen. The kitchen counter is still her main stage, though her recent videos prove that she’s comfortable dancing anywhere. There are videos of Emma dancing on a bed, in the bathroom, and even on a table. What’s more, you’ll also find an adorable throwback video of her dancing when she was a baby. Clearly, her passion for dancing started pretty early!

The energy that Emma radiates while dancing is truly contagious. This little girl is a ray of sunshine that brings a smile to every face.

To watch Alberto and Emma’s kitchen salsa performance, click on the link below:


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