Couple Sings “One Day” And Their Baby Has The Most Adorable Reaction

Music can spark happiness, love, and hope in an instant. The gift of music is meant to be shared, especially in times such as these when we all need some positivity. This is what a couple from Israel has brought to us through their angelic voices. And more than anyone else, their baby loves it!

It seemed like an ordinary day for this beautiful family. A young couple and their adorable baby were in a car together. The parents, who go by the name Yonina on YouTube, then started to flawlessly sing Matisyahu’s “One Day” as their baby watched in awe.

The Couple Sang A Song That Represents Hope.

“One Day” is a song sung by artist Matisyahu. It’s a popular piece about hope, peace, love, and unity. As the lyrics go:

“All my life I’ve been waiting for

 I’ve been praying for

 For the people to say

 That we don’t wanna fight no more

 They’ll be no more wars

 And our children will play…”

It is a reminder that even when the world is full of hate, crime, war, and negativity, there is still hope for a future free from hatred and fear. Though it was released back in 2008, the song’s message remains significant to today’s events. There is still a dire need for peace.

The Couple’s Voices Harmonize Perfectly.

First, the mother started singing the verse in her sweet and beautiful voice. When both husband and wife started harmonizing, it was pure perfection! Their voices, just like they themselves, are a perfect match for each other.

Their Baby’s Reaction Is Priceless!

Their cute baby, who was watching them intently at first, soon started smiling and laughing at the sound of their singing. The parents were exhilarated to see their child enjoying their performance. Their faces lit up with smiles as they continued to sing.

The Husband Spices Up The A Capella.

Suddenly, the husband started dropping the bass and beatboxing. This made the baby even happier. Clearly, this singing couple isn’t just talented in the musical department. They’re wonderful parents too!

They are able to create an atmosphere of positivity for their child through music. She will definitely grow up to be a beautiful and talented human being.

This Singing Couple Reminds Us Of Power Of Music.

The singing couple captured this special family moment and shared it on their YouTube channel. Because of their amazing voices, positive energy, and the priceless reaction of their beautiful baby, the video got 2 million views and many wonderful comments.

One viewer wrote, “I can’t stop watching your sweet faces and listening to your angelic voices! I’m mesmerized by the love you have for each other and the love you’re surrounding your baby with. She looks up at her daddy with pure bliss and knows she’s safe in her mother’s arms. Thank you for bringing joy to me and countless others.❤️”

Another sincere comment from the viewers said, “I agree they are indeed a beautiful couple, including their sweet little baby. And their great music is also amazing, and are also talented musicians. God Bless them and their beautiful baby. And yes I also hope, and pray that one day, peace will become a reality all over the world, without no more wars, racial hatred, crime, terrorism, and violence, among other issues affecting our world today. Because honestly, the hate is slowly starting to kill the entire planet, and we must all continue to hope for a more better, and peaceful world. Shalom!”

There is true power in music. It enlightens us and brings us to a better understanding of the world. It encourages us to reflect, and most importantly, it reminds us that we’re all in this together.

[Article Source: Yonina/YouTube ]