Baby Twins Show Unique Bond Through Their Magical Eye Contact

Whether they fight or get along famously, siblings always share a special bond. It’s quite natural to have a love-hate relationship with your brother or sister. It’s also natural to squabble over the silliest of things.

But not even a hundred fights can sever the connection between two siblings.

Growing up as an only child, I often envied those who had siblings. I often wondered what it’s like to have a sister you can ask for fashion tips or a brother you can share music with. I always pictured myself being really close to them and being able to tell them my thoughts and feelings. Despite being blessed with great friendships, I remained fascinated with the idea of siblings. Do they feel connected all the time? Can one instinctively know what the other is feeling?

Twins, in particular, make for an interesting case study.

twins dressed up

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Take today’s video, for instance. In it, baby twins Merle and Stijn are seen face-to-face with each other. Their father, Roy Johannik, has filmed the adorable exchange.

From the way these baby twins look at each other, it’s clear that each one knows exactly who the other is.

Soon, they start emitting baby sounds in an attempt to talk to each other.

It’s amazing how they truly seem to understand one another.

I have been lucky enough to meet twins in person and witness how they behave with each other. Despite their different personalities, the magical connection they have is evident every time they look at each other or laugh at the same time. It’s as if they’re reading each other’s minds. It’s truly wonderful to see. Some people believe that twins form a special connection even before they learn how to talk. These baby twins certainly seem to support this theory.

We can only imagine what these baby twins are actually talking about.

Whether it’s reminiscing about their time in their mom’s womb or complaining about their lunch menu, their conversation will always remain a mystery to us. Their dad can’t help but laugh at his son and daughter’s little chitchat in the video.

Cryptophasia is the term for the secret language twins use with each other. Yes, there is a word for it! And it sounds pretty much like telepathy, which is really amazing. Developing this special language probably has a lot to do with the fact that twins spend most of their childhood together and go through the same stages of development at the same time.

These baby twins have shared everything since the beginning.

Here’s hoping we can get to see more of their shared moments soon. I know I can’t get enough of these cute conversations. Since it was first posted, this adorable video has gained 20 million views.

Infants are the purest souls. The baby twins’ dad captured quite a special moment that has touched many hearts in these troubling times.

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