Among Us Impostor Tips: 11 Guaranteed Ways To Win

For the unlikely few who haven’t heard of it, Among Us is a popular online game where the main goal is to either win as an Impostor and kill the other Crewmates, or win as the Crewmates by finishing tasks and kicking out the Impostor. If you’re chosen as an Impostor, it’s clearly a game of deception. To get away with the killings, you must act nonchalantly to avoid drawing suspicion. Sounds easy? Well, it might be trickier than you think.

To further explain the rules of this exciting game, just think of a spaceship with a cabin crew of 4-10 members. In order to come home to civilization, you must keep your ship in tip-top condition by completing tasks. But the plot thickens when the Impostors (usually two of them) sabotage these tasks or sneakily kill people one by one. When a dead body is seen, another crew member needs to report it. In certain cases, an emergency meeting can be called. This is when the Crewmates can decide who they want to eject. The Impostors win the game when the number of Crewmates matches the number of Impostors.

As you can see, being an Impostor is a tough job. You have to be sneaky and have a calculated strategy to take advantage of the mechanics. And, of course, you need to be an unapologetic liar! If you want to secure a win as an Impostor, follow these Among Us pro tips.

1. Fake tasks like you mean it.

As an Impostor, your only task is to sabotage and kill crewmates. Before you unleash the devil, it’s wise to fake tasks first. To do this, look at the list of given fake tasks and go to the exact spot where you would usually perform any given task. Wait until the upper left taskbar fills up, just in case somebody is around spying on you. It’s easy to fake tasks at the beginning of the game when everyone is also busy doing their own tasks. This is also the ideal opportunity to spot easy targets.

However, be mindful not to complete the long tasks too early. An observant Crewmate can automatically become suspicious of you if you finish something time-taking in 2 seconds. Remember which tasks take longer than the others and note which ones get wrapped up quickly. And most importantly, refrain from doing tasks with visible animation, like the scanner and clearing asteroids. Those will instantly give you away.

2. Kill safe Crewmembers immediately.

In Among Us, easy targets are those that have completed the visual tasks, as mentioned earlier. They will often ask others to watch them perform the task to clear them from being suspected as Impostors. So once they accuse you, not everyone will second guess it. It’s important to kill these immune players as early as possible.

This is a critical thing to remember because not killing the easy targets will increase your chances of being caught. Just remember not to be reckless, and be mindful of other Crewmates when you plan your kill. A strategy that experienced Crewmates may use is to protect the safe players by going in pairs. In this case, you can use the sabotage option to isolate the immune Crewmate.

3. Engage in Meetings like a Crewmate.

During dead body reports and emergency meetings, talk as if you are a Crewmate. Be particularly mindful of what you say about your whereabouts because someone might already be suspecting you. Remain calm and don’t insist on voting anyone out. If others notice your aggression, they may keep an eye on you and even tag along as you do your fake tasks.

Pay close attention to the crowd’s conversation but act like you don’t really know what’s happening. Some of the lines that can help you include: “Who should I vote for?” and “I’m not used to this map yet.” But remember to be subtle enough to not draw attention to yourself. Don’t beg them not to throw you out. Instead, try to give a logical explanation as to why you are innocent. Keep calm at all times!

4. Take the initiative when accusing.

Crewmates make accusations all the time, especially when they’re new to the game. They can start suspecting anyone who’s been suggested by the others. You could take advantage of this tendency and stir up the conversation in your favor. After a murder, you should casually ask another player where he was during that period and what tasks he was doing. Once you get the correct reactions, the Crewmates may start suspecting your bait.

This is also a great strategy when a Crewmate witnesses you near a dead body or sees you actually killing someone. In this case, you’re inevitably going to be accused. Now it’s a matter of who accuses the other first. It’s important that you explain yourself before the Crewmate has a chance.

For example, if Black sees you walking close to a body and immediately reports it, just play it cool and mention that both of you walked into the room where the body is and that Black is safe. If Black starts questioning you, the others will most likely incline towards your explanation. If worse comes to worst, Black gets voted out first, and then you. But that’s one Crewmate out and still one Impostor remaining (if the game is set that way).

5. Establish trust among Crewmates.

In the first few stages of this game, make an effort to build your own credibility. Do this by marking one of the Crewmates safe by saying something like, “I saw Pink do a med scan. He’s safe.” You can potentially gain his trust, and he’ll be less inclined to vote for you in the later stages of the game.

This will make other Crewmates more suspicious of the others. If it successfully creates a tie between two Crewmates, you will be out of the suspicious list and well placed to do more sabotages and killings. They will continue to waste emergency meetings and evict their own while you remain innocent.

6. Use your sabotage options wisely.

You have several options for sabotage as an Impostor. This is an important distraction tactic you can use to your advantage. For example, you can sabotage the lights to reduce the vision radius of the players. This can allow for easy kills without the risk of being seen by other players. You can also go in a vent after the kill to cooldown and appear near the electrical area to pretend that you’ve been with the others all along.

Aside from sabotaging the O2, reactors, and communications, you can opt to close the doors in a chosen room for about 17 seconds. Within that time period, you can vent to that particular room and kill a Crewmate.

7. Make a crowd kill.

A crowd kill can be made when at least four players are standing on the same task spot. With everyone doing the task simultaneously, they won’t notice that you’ve already stabbed someone to death.

To perfectly execute this, sabotage the reactor or the lights. If most of the players run to the area, run alongside them and pretend to fix the reactor next to them. Place yourself as close to them as possible so you will blend in, and then make the kill. Be careful though, some smart players will just watch the others fix it and potentially be a witness. Know when to strike, and don’t forget to act surprised. You can even make a kill and report it.

8. Make good use of the vents.

As an Among Us Impostor, you have the advantage of going through vents. To do a vent multi-kill, find a potential target, wait for the victim inside a vent, and jump out to kill him once he’s in the room. After this, press the sabotage button and jump back into the vent. It’s important to do a sabotage to lure the other Crewmates from the crime scene. Once they finish fixing the sabotaged area and a second victim comes into the same room, kill them before they can report the dead body.

You have to be very precise and calculated in this execution. Also, note that this will only work in the earlier part of the game and only a limited number of times because Crewmates will surely question your absence during the sabotage.

9. Pay attention to the cameras.

Camera locations are quite important in Among Us, especially in the Skeld and Polus maps. Crewmates who have finished their tasks often go to cameras and monitor the areas. They might just see you stabbing someone, so pay attention to the blinking red light. This indicates that someone is watching you from the security, so refrain from killing someone in that location.

Another strategy, though, is to go straight to the security once you see those red lights. A Crewmate can’t see the person next to him while watching the cameras, making it a perfect opportunity to make a kill. You can even pretend to watch the cameras, wait until someone pops in, and then do the dirty business.

10. Keep track of the remaining Crewmates.

It’s important to keep track of the number of Crewmates because this will dictate if you’ve already won. If the Crewmates are down to the same number as the Impostors, then congrats, you’ve won the game!

Crewmates may not be too aware of their numbers. Still, some experienced players may call emergency meetings to prevent the Impostor from making the final kill. An easy fix for this scenario is to do a sabotage. This can prevent Crewmates from calling an emergency meeting and instead force them to go to the sabotaged location. It’s just a matter of time before one of them meets their death.

11. Pretend you are AFK.

This may not be the most respectable way to win as an Among Us Impostor, but it’s another tactic that actually works. Just stand still, wait for someone within range to pass by, and strike. The other Crewmates won’t suspect if you go back to the same spot in time. They will think you were AFK the whole time.

Note that this is not guaranteed to work every time, especially if you play again with the same group. But if you’re playing with a group of friends, this is the perfect troll you can do as an Impostor. They will definitely remember you as the greatest actor of all time!

Once you’ve mastered the art of being an Impostor in Among Us, you’ll be sure to end every game with a victory.