31 Baby Yoda Memes That Won’t Let You Stray To The Dark Side

“Pass on what you have learned,” Yoda told us. Don’t worry, Yoda. We’re definitely passing on your legendary memes coming from every corner of the internet meme world. Thanks to Disney+’s The Mandalorian, we can’t get enough of Baby Yoda memes. His character as little Yoda became an instant trend on social media. Needless to say, the force is too strong with this one.

Too cute to be true, it is. Who knew 50-year-old Baby Yoda could look so adorable? As one of the most badass characters on Star Wars, this mini Yoda is another addition to the list of reasons why you should love him.

For your dose of Baby Yoda, we’ve collected only the cutest and funniest memes featuring him. This collection is all you need to start your day with a big smile and a good chuckle. Star Wars fans are definitely going to get nostalgic. And even if you’re just a fan of Baby Yoda’s cuteness, you may end up saving these memes on your phone for future reference. You never know when you may need them.

So scroll down, and may the meme be with you.

1. Expectations Vs. Reality.

2. The Mystery of the Moon.

3. Is it Friday yet?

In case you don’t know the origin of the Baby Yoda meme, let us give you a background on the show, The Mandalorian. It is a Disney+ live-action series about a lone bounty hunter making his way through the outskirts of the galaxy. Baby Yoda’s character is known as The Child, an infant member of the same unnamed alien species in Star Wars.

Before we get carried away and spoil the whole series, we want to give you an explanation for the Baby Yoda hype.

How can one character have such an impact on the internet?

In an interview, avid Star Wars fan Alastair Bailey revealed several reasons why the infant Yoda is an instant crowd favorite. First of all, there’s no denying how adorable he is with those baby eyes and pointy ears.

It’s impossible to resist a lovable character like him. Nostalgia also plays a big part in Baby Yoda’s fame. The Star Wars film series created by George Lucas began in the late 1970s and 80s. It made a comeback in the 21st century, complete with the latest tech and special effects. In a nutshell, the Star Wars franchise has gained and held on to a huge international fan following.

4. Snac time!

5. “Come, someday my prince will.”

6. Regrets, regrets.

7. All For The Love of Baby Yoda.

8. Late night struggles.

9. The Only Baby Worth Holding.

10. Baby Yoda VS Bouncer.

11. Baby Driver.

12. When the sensitivity kicks in.

Star Wars fans have been in a constant debate over who should be recognized as the coolest character. Some say it’s Yoda, who was portrayed as a wise and strong Jedi master. But for Bailey, Darth Vader is an easy pick because of his badass character, which was obvious even in the comics. But regardless of who wins this debate, Baby Yoda has already captured many, many fans—both new and old.

13. Priorities!

14. Baby Yoda got the school fever.

15. Coffee every day.

16. The Only Show That Matters.

17. Legendary meme status, unlocked.

18. The Forgetful Yoda

19. Take this, all of you, and meme from it.

20. Baby Yoda Cuteness Appreciation Post.

21. Gib me treat!

But one question still remains: what is Yoda’s alien species called?

Unfortunately, there is no official name for it, so we might as well call it the “Yoda’s species.” With the kind of lore and fiction behind Star Wars, you’d think they’d come up with a name for his species. But until the end, they left the viewers with a sense of mystery.

What we do know is that they can live for a very long time. At 50 years old, Yoda is still a child! So it’s safe to assume that he’s young enough to still live with his parents and eat frog cereal every morning.

22. The Best Knock Knock Joke!

23. *Cries in embarrassment*

24. Baby Yoda Gallery.

25. Eargasm.

26. Classic Hide And Seek.

27. Haters will say this is fake.

28. From 50 to 15.

29. Who am I kidding?

30. No one: …
Every pet owner:

31. Baby Yoda Errday!