23 Amazon Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

It’s incredible how many minds are always at work, coming up with products to make our day-to-day lives more comfortable. Every time you visit your favorite e-commerce platform, isn’t there a genius innovation you wish you’d come across sooner? Well, you don’t have to scroll through Amazon to find these anymore endlessly. Check out 23 of the best Amazon gadgets right here.

Once you find out what they do, you’re going to want to add these products to your cart right away!

1. This Black Light Flashlight For Illuminating The “Radioactive” Parts Of The House.

It’s almost a daily thing for pet owners to come home and are welcomed by a strong, unpleasant smell. Sometimes, it can be hard to detect where it’s coming from. This handy flashlight can quickly locate that dried up dog pee in your freshly replaced carpet by turning it into a lurid shade of purple.

2. A Deshedding Tool For Cats That Will Put An End To The Scolding Sessions.

Cat fur can be quite a nuisance for pet owners. With all those piles and piles of fur you have to scrape off your floors and furniture, you could make yourself a whole new pet! Luckily, the FURminator was invented. This handy comb can easily remove your cat’s loose fur. Talk about a new bonding session!

3. This Portable Jewelry Cleaning Pen Can Make Your Precious Bezels Shine Instantly.

Some Amazon gadgets are designed for a niche audience, but boy, are they useful! Jewelry lovers out there, this product is another gem you can swoon over. It’s an instant favorite among the clean freaks because of its sleek design and portability. You can easily carry it in your pocket or handbag for jewelry cleaning on the go.

4. These Anti-Blue-Light Computer Glasses Protect Your Eyes While Being Stylish AF.

You can’t avoid facing the computer screen all day, so why not go in prepared? Don’t let eye fatigue and dryness slow you down at work or kill your momentum while gaming. These cute eyeglasses will keep you comfortable and selfie-ready round the clock!

5. These Bike Wheel Lights Let You Ride The City In Style.

Thanks to these easy-to-install LED bike wheel lights, your bike will have increased visibility and will also make heads turn as you cycle through the streets. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about being caught in the rain.

6. This Chin-Supporting Travel Pillow Helps You Doze Off During Long Flights.

We all know how hard it is to sleep during long plane rides. Your seat may get too uncomfortable; your co-passengers baby might start crying, and don’t even get me started on the sudden turbulence! Thankfully, this cleverly-designed pillow can help you catch 40 winks in peace until you reach your destination.

7. This Necklace Fan Helps You Keep Your Cool All The Time.

Hot summer days on your next tropical adventure will become extra fun with this colorful, lightweight mini fan. Take it anywhere and blow cool air on your face anytime. You literally won’t lose your cool with this handy gadget.

8. A Foldable Desk Lamp To Keep Your Work Desk Illuminated And Modern.

This lamp collapses into a small, convenient package and unfolds into a modern and attractive architectural masterpiece. You can easily adjust its angle for reading or any other activity.

9. This Hand-Held Strawberry Slicer Is Berry Useful Indeed!

The best breakfast and dessert treats have strawberries in them. Luckily, there are Amazon gadgets to help you enjoy strawberries even more! If you’re a strawberry lover, this one-handed slicing wonder can do perfect slices of your favorite fruit with just one squeeze of its handle.

10. This Microwave Egg Cooker Is The Wizard of Instant Breakfast.

Cooking breakfast can be such a hassle, especially when you are running late. With this creative cooker, you can whip up some eggs in just under a minute! Crack one or two eggs, add some cheese, and voila, breakfast is ready!

11. A Mini Broom and Dustpan Set Suited For The Clumsies.

Consider yourself a klutz in the kitchen? This mini sweeper is just what you need if you tend to spill just about anything, anywhere. After sweeping, you can lock the broom snugly into the dustpan and put it away until the next time you need to clean something.

12. This Pancake and Cupcake Batter Dispenser Can Bring Out Your Inner Pastry Chef.

Some Amazon gadgets impress us with their sheer simplicity. For example, this hand-held dispenser can pour perfectly portioned amounts of batter into any mold or pan. It’s just perfect for wannabe pastry chefs out there. Feel free to squeeze away one mix after the other without worrying about spills or uneven distribution.

13. This Pirate Bar Tool Will Make You Welcome Friday Night With A Yo-Ho-Ho!

Open up those Friday night drinks using this multi-functional bar tool. It has a corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil cutter – basically everything you need to start to get the party ship sailing. All your crewmates will be wanting one as well.

14. A Portable Hammock That Can Bring The Great Outdoors To Your Room.

Now that vacations are postponed, you can just put up this compact, portable hammock in your backyard or even in your room to get a feel of the great outdoors. Remember, there’s no shame in relaxing on a hammock while working on that deadline!

15. This Rechargeable Hand Warmer Keeps You Snuggly For Over 6 Hours.

Cold hands are one of the first signs that winter is around the corner. This cute and high-tech hand warmer can keep your hands toasty for a long time. It lets you choose from two heat settings and even gives you the option to connect and charge your phone by stealing the cute little piggy’s power!

16. This Rotating Potato Peeler Is An Insanely Satisfying Way To Speed Up Your Food Prep.

Who doesn’t love potatoes? If only peeling them wasn’t a pain! Well, the next time you’re browsing Amazon gadgets, do get this rotating peeler that lets you prepare potatoes in half the usual amount of time. Plus, you get to enjoy watching the long, curly peels pile up. You can use this peeler for other veggies and fruits as well.

17. A Shampoo Brush Massager That Will Make You Stay In The Shower Longer.

Experience relaxation and bliss by trying this little piece of shower heaven. Pour a bit of shampoo on its soft silicone bristles and gently rub it over your scalp. You’ll definitely extend your shower time for this experience!

18. This Shower Foot Scrubber Turns Showering Into a Deluxe Spa Service.

They say we should never deprive ourselves of the small pleasures in life. Whether it’s coffee with friends, or a trip to the salon or spa, pampering yourself should be guilt-free. With this shower foot scrubber, you can treat yourself to a simple spa moment in your bathroom. Add a few drops of body wash, sit back, and let the bristles clean and massage your feet.

19. This Smart Ice Cream Scooper Gives You Perfect Scoops Of Your Favorite Dessert.

This amazing scooper will make your ice cream bowl look like it came from an artisan ice cream parlor. Form perfectly round scoops of your favorite ice cream flavor and release it into a bowl by squeezing the handle. Some people have even used it for portioning cookie dough and are quite satisfied with the results.

20. This Smooth Edge Can Opener Can Save You From Losing A Finger!

Gone are the days of living dangerously when using manual can openers! With this genius can opener, you’ll be sure to leave behind a smooth-edged can with zero drips. You don’t even need to rinse the can opener. Talk about a good deal!

21. A Space-Saving Kitchen Gadget Set For Convenient Cooking.

This compact kitchen gadget set is excellent for camping and outdoor trips. It combines the functions of a grater, peeler, grinder, can opener, and rotary cutter. These are combined into a neat package that takes next to no space in your backpack or cutlery drawer.

22. A Travel Toiletries Bag For The Lazy Travelers.

We all know someone who neatly packs their bath essentials in one of those multi-compartment bags. Truly admirable beings! But for those of us who just want to pack up and go, this travel bag is probably the best option. Take your stuff, dump it in the bag, and you’re ready to go! Don’t even worry about getting it dirty. It’s also machine washable.

23. This Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Will Motivate You To Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day.

Most of us are guilty of not drinking enough water in a day. Well, this water bottle makes it easy to keep yourself hydrated. Choose from 10 colors, load the infusion basket with your fruit of choice, and add water. That’s it! Now you have a refreshing drink to carry for the day.


Which of these Amazon gadgets will you be looking to buy first?